Monday, October 25, 2010

Indigo Children

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The news on TV
is not palatable.
It is dark.
I turn away,
turn off my ears,
and redirect
my mind.

But on this
same screen,
I have been seeing
children who bring
my poor old
tired heart
to tears.
They display
the most amazing gifts,
other-worldly voices,
angelic faces,
beyond-their-years gifts,
and a grace and aplomb
and assurance

that tell me
they are responding
to the accelerated consciousness
on the planet,
the transformation
that is trying to happen
right now
in time.)

They have come
to show us
we are much more
than we
think we are,
or we have been,
can reach
so much higher,
so much deeper 
than we do.

They show us
what is possible
when we stop
it is

They are demonstrating
the next stage
in the evolution
of human consciousness.

They point the way
to the remaking
- the re-visioning -
of our world
(because before
we can achieve it,
we have to believe it.)

They light the way
with the radiance
of their beings,
the purity of their voices,
the simple offering
of their
amazing gifts,
their attunement
to this higher vibration
we sense,
but are too mired
in yesterday
to trust.

They look out
from the screen
with smiling eyes
and old souls
that convince me
there is still
a lot of hope
for this old world.


  1. omg you have touched yet again another topic that is so close to my heart. a subject i am still trying to understand.

    5 years ago, in one of my conversations with a psychic who tried to help us with james, she mentioned to me how lucky i was to have indigo kids. huh... indigo what? i thought that it referred to their aura or something. then she mentioned "old souls." that the things that were happening at that time were for the furtherance of their "evolution." that sounded weird. but if it helped my kids cope, why would i complain, right?

    then there were signs... nothing supernatural but still unusual especially that these were just children. but then, talking to them, it felt like i was conversing with the dalai lama or eckhart tolle. like when my six-year-old daughter told me, "mommy, we've got to move on" as she tried to console me. she was lovingly stroking my forehead at that time. or a line that goes: "don't cry mommy, we have an angel now."

    so i guess, the concept of "indigo children" is true. i just have to learn more about it. i was told by the psychic friend that i need to be more understanding and to keep an open mind.

    blessings to you, sherry! :)

  2. dear sherry,

    i too believe that the youngsters today show all signs of "evolved" souls... the way they deal with stress, conflict and creativity is quite amazing. I find most of them compassionate and peace loving rooting for negotiation rather than victory. My son, I believe, must be one because when he was quite young, around 8-9 years old, floored me with his response to my agonized question "why are we here?" with a calm "to be ourselves, mama"...

    the poem of Aurobindo, in the link below, describes these children well... i wonder whether he had meant it for them...

  3. These stories of your children are marvellous. I know the feeling when your children state truths that sound like the Dalai Lama:) My son Jeff is an old soul, and he is attuned to a higher frequency than the rest of us. Maya, the poem and your explanation is fantastic. Thank you so much for sending me the link. That is EXACTLY what these children I have been seeing are like - sunlight in their eyes, so self-possessed, and displaying fantastically advanced gifts. They are coming just in time!!!

  4. This is such a beautiful post, Sherry. So heartening to me today!

  5. I firmly believe that the hope of the world rests on the shoulders of children - your poem reminded me of that. Thanks Sherry.

  6. The real hope for our tortured world does indeed lie in the hearts of our children. We need only match their passion with our own and pass on to them a legacy of compassion and stewardship. I have no doubt they will know where to take it from there.

    Love this post!


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