Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Love Song From the Past

[Browsing through old poems last night, I found this one, written in 2000.
Co-dependent and misplaced, as it turns out, but still a good poem:)]

The cock crows
at break of day
and in my arms
you are as beautiful
as the morning sun
that creeps over
the horizon
and lights up
all the corners
of my word
since we are one

The day dawns
here with you
more happily
than it ever has
before -
all the love
I spent my lifetime
looking for
I have with you -
all that I dreamed
and more

That I waited so long
to find you
makes it that much
more divine
and I'll carry you
in my heart now
through all the days
of time

The cock crows
and I count
my blessings:
a beautiful man
lying so close
by my side
my love for you
your love for me
all that we share
someone for whom
my whole being
can care

Before the sun even rises
before you open your eyes
you have gifted me
just by being
by my side

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