Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Burnt Umber

Miss Jasmine as a puppy

This week
the trees
are turning
the deepest shade
of orangey
burnt umber,
one last
glorious profusion
of intense hue,
viewed through
a rich
golden spill
of sunshine
poured like honey
from the pot.

The leaves
striving to
match the tones
of the pumpkins
in their
garden plot -
one last burst
the winds of winter
blast them
and away.

So soon,
these golden
burnt orange
days and
will make
their seasonal 
almost undetected-
as a suitor,
having wooed you
with such
full and golden
sneaks away,
leaving you
to the splendors
of a


  1. it's a pity we don't get those beautiful autumn colors here. the leaves are either green or brown... and yellow in between. :D

    ms. jasmine was an adorable pup. i would have loved to take her in.

    sherry, i will go on a 2-weeks break (starting this saturday) so don't be surprised if you won't see me for awhile. i will be back blogging on the 3rd week of november. i will surely miss you and your lovely, heartwarming posts.

    God bless!

  2. Sherry I love the idea of being wooed by the suitor of many lovely images in this poem! :-)

  3. Is it still Mz Jazmine, Sherry :)

    Such rich colors of the fall, to what purpose, I have often wondered!

    In the neck to neck jostling, racing, breathless city that I happen to inhabit, Sherry, there's only black and white and so many different shades of grey ..

  4. Oh this is superb, Sherry. What an invocation of burnt orange days. One day I'm going to see a Canadian Autumn... It's on my bucket list!
    I love the pic of Miss Jasmine too. A lovely post.

  5. Lovely autumn poem, Sherry! I too am loving the long walks through amber stacks of leaves. I like your comparison to a suitor who has lost his ardour. We do feel a bit jilted when the rain sets in and turns our days gray!

    Great shot of puppy Jasmine...hope her operation goes well...

  6. My thoughts are with you today. I'm praying that all goes well for you both. Hugs!

  7. Yes, you must experience a Canadian autumn! Absolutely lush with color. Thank you for visiting and commenting, gentle people!

  8. Mother Nature wouldn't like being called a "suitor"! Fickle, maybe. Not a suitor!

  9. Good heavens, my poor addled brain is so overloaded I have gender confusion in my poems....I must have been thinking of the wind, who seems male to me..........

  10. Ah, but perhaps this is just Father Time in drag...

    How's your girl doing?

  11. Kashmir would be similar to those Canadian climes Sherry, we call it Heaven on Earth yep! and then, the chinar tree, rows and rows of it, is the same leaf as in your national flag and I still remember the apple orchards on the sloping hillsides ..


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