Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Sad Day for Dr Seuss

Big dogs and little dogs,
happy dogs and sad,
dogs on the furniture,
dogs being bad.

When I look
from Here to There,
I see dog hair

I think I just might
wind up thinner -
they ate the roast
I planned for dinner.

I'd maybe eat 
brown eggs and Spam,
if I was even
crazier than I am.

We dont have
a cat in the hat,
just one who brings
dead bunnies in
and lays them
on the mat.

Rhyming like Seuss
can be a cinch
but that old grinch
wont give an inch.

Wacky Wednesdays
backwards go,
so I typed this po-umm
with my toe!

Backward from 
my comfy bed,
I sat on the toilet
on my head.

Yuck! that experience
was not pleasant.
Now I need 
to find a pheasant

not for use
at dinnertime,
but just because 
I need to rhyme.

Back to dogs
and it's
Go, Dogs, Go!
The only Seuss poem
I really know.

It's a sad sad day
for Dr Seuss.
And now I need
to find a moose.

Ella's challenge this Wonder???? Wacky Wednesday at Poets United, is to write something Dr Seuss-like or, alternatively, to use the Wacky Wednesday idea of everything being backwards. Never one to hesitate at being lame, I managed to cough up this little - umm - pome. Hee hee. I could have gone on and on but, mercifully, didn't. Apparently I like to rhyme at the Dr Seuss level. Maybe I've found my genre!


  1. What fun, Sherry!

    You do well with Dr. Seuss
    maybe time to kiss a goose
    then set the doggies loose!
    Tee hee!!

  2. Lol! I can't stop smiling... The rhyme is just too wacky but I loved your point-of-view a lot... Everything backwards seems Cool!

  3. Still giggling at this one, Sherry!
    Good to know what one gets when crossing Wild Woman with Dr. Seuss...LOL!

    You may have created a whole new genre...:)

  4. So fun! You did a wonderful job embracing Dr. Seuss and wacky Wednesday...I enjoyed it!
    Hope you find a moose?! lol
    Love your humor! :D

  5. if you typed with your toe
    you are more skilled than me
    we have two cats
    that grace our sea
    one named miko, who is eleven
    survived an alligator attack
    that shoulda sent her to heaven
    and then there is domino
    a lively chap
    when he was young he'd sit in your lap
    now like his sister he's more antisocial
    found abandoned on streets that were local
    so now you see the cats that haunt me but every day make me exorbantly happy

  6. Wow Brian
    that was some comment
    oh yes it was fine
    I cannot wait to go to
    your poem and read even
    more Seussian rhyme....

    Sherry - the visuals of you typing with a toe and a toilet bowl on your head - are ones that simply may follow me into my dreams later in bed!

    Good laugh :)

  7. Love this total funny silliness...good job on channeling your inner wacky, Sherry!

  8. This is so fun Sherry ~ I enjoyed it including Brian's post ~

  9. very cute. I like that part about having a pheasant just because you need to rhyme. That bit of honesty thrown in amongt the whacky made me smile. I enjoyed reading this.

  10. How did Koko pull off this?

    Rhyming like Seuss
    can be a cinch
    but that old grinch
    wont give an inch.

    Totally loving it.


  11. This was so fun!!! You embraced his spirit perfectly.

  12. I love Brian's comment and how fun it is to revisit Dr. Seuss~
    Everyone is so funny! :D

  13. Sherry
    It seems everyone does agree, you channel Dr. Suess to a "T" :-)
    Very, very fun read. This was one of my fav books too. Loved the big dog party!

    And completely relate to hair everywhere...can you say "husky mix?" I knew you could :-)

  14. lol... very funny enjoyed this Sherry, thanks for sharing

  15. This is a good laugh,Sherry! Ever the witty one! Nice write!


  16. Very Suess-like. I really enjoyed this, Sherry.

  17. i should have read your poem before writing mine!

    my attempt to rhyme like Dr. Seuss did not, did not turn out fine.

    your words i did, i did enjoy!

    mine, i fear, will just annoy.


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