Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Things To Do on an Afternoon in August


Go through old letters and smile, remembering.
Send loving messages to friends still alive to
let them know you remember those golden days
in the sun when you, and they, and the world
were young. Play the music that was the sound track
of your life back then; remember wailing away
all afternoon with Connie Francis and Brenda Lee,
dreaming of the love story that was waiting for you
up ahead, how it would turn your life from painful
to happy. Don't spend too much time thinking about
what happened instead. 

Stay indoors out of the heat, and drink iced tea,
cold from the fridge. Watch an eagle fly over,
in the cloudless blue, as the fog slowly rolls in,
knowing it will swallow the beach
where hundreds of tourists are fitting 
a year's worth of fun into three too-short days.

Remember the town as it was thirty years ago.
Write the Village Council asking them to save
what's left of our local forest, threatened by
that onerous word: Development, a monster
with an insatiable appetite who can't be stopped.

Spend the rest of the day
the golden years of laughter and dreams
that shine so, now, in reverie.


  1. I enjoyed thinking about these things, Sherry. Yes, I have been thinking about the 'old music' lately too. Nostalgia is a good thing. So many good things to remember, and so many changed everywhere since those early days!

  2. The beauty of living to 80 is the luxury of looking back ... all the memories, good and bad. We are blessed Sherry Wild Woman.


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