Friday, August 12, 2022

Life's Golden Beauty All I Know


Chestermans Beach, Tofino

I try to hold the flickering flame
fast faltering my eyes before,
to clasp it for some moments more,
its magic mine to keep and tame.
It flickers out, no one to blame.

I try to slow the speeding days,
delay them as they canter past.
I want them to forever last;
they rush towards sunset's golden haze,
extinguish in a fiery blaze.

One does not ask the question "Why?"
We live our lives, hoping the end
will answer like a loving friend.
Our choices, as the days go by,
have cast our fate. We live. We die.

Sunset too close, lit by its glow,
I want this life to never end,
as day by day my last ones spend,
bedazzled by its fiery show ~
life's golden beauty, all I know.

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  1. hoping the end
    will answer like a loving friend... beautifully said, Sherry.

  2. If there is life everlasting, it holds still in this golden frame. Gratitude dials the eternal. Lovely poem, Sherry.

  3. A beautiful, poignant poem about age and nearing the end. It tugged at my heartstrings.

  4. Beautiful poem of a state of serenity and happiness

  5. "We live our lives, hoping the end
    will answer like a loving friend..." Or we should, I think, and hold each moment of golden beauty always in our hearts. Beautiful, Sherry.

  6. beautiful poem sherry, these reflections on life are wonderful to read

  7. We live our lives the best we can given the obstacles that hinder our journey. In the end I hope we all get what we have hope for - eternal light of love...

  8. Sherry, your poem touches me in its beauty and vulnerability. So many beautiful lines that pull together in a seamless way.

  9. This is very poignant and deep, Sherry. One of your best recent poems. Mary


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