Thursday, August 18, 2022

At the End, Only Earth and Sky


We are born in a whoosh of water,
gasp in our first breath, then we cry:
water, essential, from our very first day.

Through the Sacred Medicine Wheel
I journeyed,
dipped my toes in a magical sea,
soul thrumming with the song of the waves.
My sign, my element, my spirit's home:
Mother Ocean.

Above, the sky, the vast expanse,
curving over all -
the great blue bowl of ether.
Underfoot, the earth, brown and humble
and mothering.

I bow to you, Sky, I sing with you, Wind,
I dance in the rain, laughing,
the rush of raindrops on my face
cleansing my spirit,
washing all negative energy away.

When I am clean,
when the Great Bowl Above grows dark,
I creep homeward,
settle beside the fire,
remember the winking stars,
the wheeling seabirds,
the many rivers and beaches
I have loved,
all the beauty gracing
this span of time
that is still mine.

In memory,
my grandmother's long, white finger
points at the glass of water
on her bedside table
as she lay dying.
"The dying always ask for water,"
she had told me, and it is true.
Water: a single tear rolling down her cheek
as we said goodbye.

To the earth I bow, in gratitude,
in homecoming.
It waits to receive me, in turn,
when that final moment comes,
when I will become one
with All That Is.

First, there is water,
at the end
only earth and sky.

An older one, shared with earthweal's open link.


  1. Very touching poem, Sherry. Yes, I remember you having said before that "the dying always ask for water." So much to think about. Water, earth, sky!

  2. That resonated! My first book was titled "Water to Water"!!!

  3. A sobering reality...that we will all experience sooner or later.

  4. Another wonderful poem Sherry. I particularly love your opening line. Born in a whoosh of water!

  5. Beautiful. I love your opening stanza, and I can see your grandmother's long white finger. All so poignant and true.

  6. this is beautiful sherry, i can relate to all of this, very well said

  7. 'the rush of raindrops on my face
    cleansing my spirit,
    washing all negative energy away.'

    - how I love to feel this! A moving poem, Sherry.

  8. We traveled the birth canal born into this world, our bodies mostly water that needs to be replenished. Water is healing and symbolic of life. Beautiful expressed.


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