Friday, August 5, 2022



Walks Far Woman

Plant your bare feet upon the earth
and take one step,
peaceful, smiling,
your roots sending tentacles
into the earth.
Find stability, and balance,
knowing your every step,
your every breath,
connects you to the All-That-Is,
as above, so below.

Remember the wholeness
with which you began
this journey.
Shape your brokenness
into a sturdy vessel
once again,
for all will be well,
all will be well,
all will be exceedingly well.

Feel the wind and the warm summer rain
on your face,
hear the birdsong in your heart.
Earth and sky,
wind and water,
all belong
to you.

Experience the peace of this one step,
this single moment.
Then, take another,
each step a gift received,
each moment an opportunity
to give.

Walk with joy upon the earth,
pilgrims of a planetary miracle.

It is all
a gift from God,
this world we walk through.
It is all Buddha Land.

sharing with earthweal's open link. A poem from some years back - before the climate crisis got so severe. But we still need to find peace somehow, in the midst of it all.


  1. powerful life-infusing prayer, Sherry. love the affirmations

  2. Little Sherry is so sweet. You are right the world is all a gift from God. We must still find the joy.

  3. pilgrims of a planetary miracle - love that!

  4. I felt every step. Wonderful journey through your words. Thanks for the inspiration.
    -Mimi Lenox

  5. A lovely poem of gratitude for each step in the journey. Loved the photo...each day is a gift and we should seek joy whenever possible.

  6. The natural world is a gift. Nice picture, too...


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