Friday, August 26, 2022

In the Dreamtime

A composite of my photos put together
by Steve, whom we knew as The Unknown Gnome,
since gone on to the spirit world.
(Note Pup in right lower corner.)

Swimming in dreamtime,
she follows the songlines of the ancestors
across the bare brown desert of the heart
towards the mountains.

On the other side, where the ley lines meet,
all green and golden,
a power place,
lies the great sea, silver and shimmering,
and singing with ten thousand voices
of the ten thousand things
that comprise the dharma path.

In this dream,
there are the haunted cries of wolves, of owls,
of ancient spirits,
and the deep green forest is alive, awake,
and talking in tongues.
It whispers to her soul
where are you?
why are you not here?
Trees reach out their arms for her,
and she is drawn there
as surely as a murrelet is drawn back to its nest
from across the shining water.

Wild Woman rides the winds of hope
in this dream,
looking down on all that she loves:
green bearded old Grandfather Cedar,
the roar of the waves,
caw of raven,
imperious piercing eagle-cry,
long white beaches
stretching to Forever,
and her, above, exulting,
in the tangy salt sea air,
flying along the shore.

So many impediments between her
and her heart's home,
in the real time.
But in the dreamtime,
one is always There,
cradled by the sleepy forest,
curled in the rootbed of an ancient cedar,
beside a small tender wolf-pup
with shining eyes
and joyous, yipping heart,
mist wrapping softly around them
in the fresh new morning,
with the sound of the soft waves,
lapping, forever,
endless and eternal,
in her heart.

An oldie from 2014, when I was living inland and longing for my spirit's home. See how such persistence pays off? By early 2017, I was here.


  1. Beautiful and meaningful piece Sherry. And you have reflected on the forests, my favorite eden. Glad your dream came true! 🙂✌🏼❤️

  2. Fabulous how you willed your way to the place you wanted to be in. Truly persistence pays!

  3. Always so rich a journey into these woods and waters with the Wild Woman! I'm thinking The Dreamtime will be a challenge soon at earthweal. So keep those engines revved.

  4. We will never forget this dreamtime.

  5. Sherry your travel in dreamtime brought tears to my eyes. I've been listening to Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes discs and she talks about putting that intention out there. To see you took yourself there and can revisit it means you've tapped into the cosmic flow...

  6. Oh, I need to ride those winds of hope..... I am running out.....

  7. Oh I just really love that composite photo. I am trying to recollect who Steve was. And ha, in this case your dream came to pass. You are now in your heart's home!

  8. Cheers! I willed myself back to the place I was meant to be, 17 years ago. I'm still waiting for the money to follow...

  9. Yes, the dream-time brought you to your place of heart. I am filled with joy that you
    found your way.


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