Friday, September 7, 2018

Starfire When We Pass

Step into the circle, sister mine,
and feel our bond
through all the years of time
that brought us through
times beautiful and dire,
to this moment when
we step into
blue fire.

I lived a love
that became mine alone.
He knew not how to
for his past atone,
returned the gift,
and went on on his own,
so I carried it
through all the years:
a poem.

In the circle,
we return where we belong,
where all the loves we lost
are worth the cost.
We are finite.
We are also infinite,
each one note
in the universal song.
Our lives create
sweet memories
that will last.
As the veil lifts,
we step through
the looking-glass.
We transform into starfire
when we pass.

Hmmm.......not sure if this is what Toni is looking for. Her prompt at Real Toads is about the Void, the circle, and one, two and three-dimensional states. I thought my one-sided love might be one- dimensional, since it became mine alone. And throwing infinity into the poem seemed like a good idea. Smiles.


  1. I like this poem ~ it speaks with different voices; I wonder, are you conversing with an actual sibling, or with a sister self, or with the sister self of the cosmos, etc. - and the inherent mystery in this conversation "between" really works for me - on all the possible levels and layers.

    I especially like how you've used the elements, and related them to the circle, and circling (as implied in a breaking/broken relationship) and then how we are both finite, in some ways, and of course, infinite, both here and now, and then, later ... undetermined, as energy. And the use of the "blue fire" is absolutely stunning.

    1. An actual sister, or any woman in the Sisterhood - as we are all sisters......thank you so much for your comments. I am happy this poem popped out this morning!

  2. I this is a really gorgeous piece, Sherry.

  3. I love this Sherry. It bespeak to the emptiness and the fullness of the circle. The way you carried his live "like a poem " all those years. I love this line so much! The sisterhood and the elements all swirled into one circle. Thank you so much for posting this gorgeous poem. It is perfect.

  4. Beautiful...It feels like a call into the spirit world of sisters.

  5. Thank you, my friends. I am pleased it worked. Always happy when some lines come through the fog, lol.Toni, I am happy it worked!

  6. To be finite end infinite... i love how you tied the images together, linking the enso to orberon the snake biting itself in its tail.

  7. A beautiful poem Sherry! One of your best!!!

  8. Lovely Sherry and yes we are but one note in a universal song, insignificant yet significant.
    Another lovely!
    Anna :o]

  9. In the circle we come together. We need a big world circle now.

  10. Beautiful poem, I enjoyed the read very much. Thanks for sharing.


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