Sunday, September 16, 2018


The Carolinas NBC photo

I resist the fake truths,
the crudeness, the ugliness,
divisive rhetoric.
I know we can do
so much better than this.
North America is full
of big-hearted people.

There is more light
than dark in this world.
It's just that darkness
has the upper hand right now.

I resist a government
who rips children
from their parents,
locks them in cages,
(for $775 per child per day),
then loses track of where they are.

I resist believing
people would consider
voting them in again.

I resist believing
that the climate deniers will win,
that somehow, globally,
our leaders – and ourselves -
will not wake up and
begin to do the hard work
of assisting Mother Earth
to regain her balance.

I resist the likelihood
that species after species
will go extinct on our watch,
that our seventh generation of children
will never see
a forest, a bear, a whale;
that for them water will be
as expensive as oil is now,
and their wars will be fought
over water.

I refuse to believe
disaster upon disaster
will wipe us all out
because Greed and Corruption won
and good people
allowed it.

I can live in this mess
just a little while longer,
waiting for the world
to wake up and get real.
I resist the despair
that edges closer
with every newscast.

Just barely.

for Brendan's prompt at Real Toads: Resistance. If ever there was a time, it is now.


  1. well, somehow, for the power of the all of the "negative here" the calling out of it - the repetition of I resist really knocks it all back into place - and keeps a lid on it - a tight light - but one that allows for the mantra, the heart felt cries to be heard - and to gain strength in the uplift ... of one voice - of one voice that surely is a call to the others - for there are others too -
    so shall the voices ring ABOVE the deafening and exhausting roar of the "dirty noise" ground level ....

    wonderful strength in this poem ... it literally does rise ... and you feel like chanting along, I resist - I resist .... magical enough to be heard. :)


  2. Yes, Sherry, let us keep our senses. The U.S. owes the world and all Mother's charges too, an apology of apologies. And we here should oust him and every follower of him for office. Resist and turn back should be our call.

  3. Such resistance -- across so many fronts -- does seem futile, but that's the fuse of poetry, right? To be a lover in an unkissed world. One hangs in there -- "just barely," as you so wisely add at the end. All I can say is Amen. My cynicism just pushes the boat back to the rising waters.

  4. I am afraid what you say you resist, it what is. But we can sure say, we don't like it. We want something better. And that is where we will act!! I actually love your list of things you resist.

  5. I insist and resist. Barely says it all.

  6. I like this resistance -- there's a sense of anguish and anger in it which is very personal and since personal is political, it works very well.

  7. "There is more light than dark in this world. It's just that darkness has the upper hand right now"... I wholeheartedly agree with this. Such a beautifully evocative write, Sherry! 💜

  8. Yup, darkness sure does have the upper hand now. Question is, how long can you resist it. I do love your positive, fighting attitude, Sherry.

  9. We must resist! This callousness and chaos cannot be the new normal.


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