Saturday, June 23, 2018

You, the Seeker, My Lamp, the Moon

Little hummer,
irridescent rainbow in constant flight,
you whirred into the room at dusk,
thinking my lamp was the moon.
I swiftly clicked off the light,
to guide you to the window
where you beat frantically for a moment,
till you crouched in its corner,
terrified of the giant
whose hands were slowly lowering
to cup you gently.

You stilled, as I carried
your feathered lightness outside
and, when I opened my palms to set you free,
lay for a moment on your back,
surrendered to your fate.
Suddenly recognizing you had survived,
could once more see the sky,
in that same instant,
you were halfway 'cross the meadow.

Just so, do our hearts encounter
their similar terrors,
bring them down to size,
recognize the open door of freedom,
and, each in turn, take flight.

One from 2015 for the Poetry Pantry at Poets United. At the farm, given I keep doors and windows open during all the warm weather, sometimes a small hummer would find its  way inside, and lodge itself in a corner of the windowsill. In my cupped hands, they felt lighter than a feather, flight itself, suspended for that one moment. I have hummers here, too, but they stay outdoors. At least so far.


  1. This is amazing. I love the whole thing, but especially the last stanza.

  2. Oh what a sweet poem, Sherry. How fortunate you were to have hummers come so close, and they were lucky you found them. I seldom see them here. Once a summer if lucky. I think they are around somewhere though...just not near.

  3. Always fascinating to me, to read about birds we don't have here. I like your poem, the story it tells and the parallel you draw. But my favourite line of poetry here is in your prose back story: 'In my cupped hands, they felt lighter than a feather, flight itself, suspended for that one moment.'

  4. "You stilled, as I carried
    your feathered lightness outside"

    This is so 'scriptural' in its imagery and inspiration.
    Luv , luv it

    Happy Sunday Sherry

    much love...

  5. This is incredibly beautiful, Sherry!💞 Especially love the last stanza "Just so, do our hearts encounter their similar terrors, bring them down to size.."💞

  6. Great story, great message...!

  7. What a lovely place you have, to be surrounded by nature and its wonderful creatures.

  8. A beautiful write - I loved every word Sherry

  9. There is nothing better than rescuing a bird or little animal and releasing it. Never quite sure whether they are grateful you haven't eaten them or thanking you for giving them a second chance.

  10. They couldn't fall into better or kinder hands than yours.

  11. Love the conclusion most... what a great realization that we can regain our freedom.

  12. This is stunning...beautiful and profound words! I am touched so deeply. <3

  13. What a beautiful little bird.Creatures are so wonderful .

  14. Oh what a beautiful hummer and story....such a lesson from nature that touches my heart!

  15. Love "thinking my lamp was the moon." I just saved a cardinal caught in my blueberry net this way.

  16. Beautiful tender words Sherry of a wonderful encounter.
    When my kids were little, we rescued an abandoned thrush chick and reared it, eventually housing it outside in a box safe from our feline friends. It flew away some days later.
    The following year, when thrushes visited our garden, when we went outside, one didn't fly away. We liked to think it was our little chick...
    Anna :o]

  17. Such tender hands you have and such a tender heart.

  18. Unfortunately, I'm still in the stage of recognizing my terrors, but haven't been able to bring them down to size...yet.

  19. Oh, this is lovely...and that balance of care and terror is deeply felt.

  20. So beautiful. The analogy to fainted hearts is apt. Our hearts beat again and again through changes and terrors...until the end

  21. Yes, beautiful..Too often we don't look for that door of freedom or simply refuse to walk through it.

  22. Delightful, Sherry, especially the lines:
    'iridescent rainbow in constant flight,
    you whirred into the room at dusk,
    thinking my lamp was the moon'.

  23. Just so, do our hearts encounter
    their similar terrors

    Living things human or otherwise will be faced with similar frightful situations. Humans are better equipped to face the onslaught but other creatures are in a better position to survive.


  24. Beautiful both metaphorically and literally!

  25. Love this poem! This story of rescue and the last stanza are perfect and so tender. Just beautiful.

  26. Lovely incident and poem both, thanks. K.


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