Thursday, June 21, 2018

An Unhappy Refrain

The news is an unhappy refrain,
the background of my days.
Babies scream in terror,
in the corners of my mind,
and there is no rescue,
no comfort being given.
Bad men with dead eyes
explain and blame,
the biggest con
we have ever witnessed.

Horrified, we watch
a country unraveling.
Humpty Dumpty is shattering
over a Wall.
How long will it take
to undo the damage done?

But, Dear Anne, stay hopeful,
and dream your dreams.
Before you are grown,
we will put this world
back together again,
having learned
just how much illness
and injustice
we need to heal.

We will resist, we will demand,
we will march and WE WILL VOTE!!!!!!
and we will undo the damage done.
We will reclaim
the country we know
still resides
under the abomination
of this present moment.

Marian's talented daughter, Anne, has given us the prompt: An Unhappy Refrain, which could not be more apt, in this particular week. Hatsune Miku invites us to tell her how we feel.  As we listen with horror to the uncomforted cries of terrified children, we wonder who is able to carry out these heartless, soul-less orders. I cant think of anything else. But Anne, rest easy. This will end and the world will return to the one we knew before a year ago. It wasnt always the greatest, but it sure was better than this.


  1. Virginia's governor, yesterday, ordered the VA National Guard troops deployed at the border to return to VA immediately in protest. Good for Gov. Northam. Now if more people will do the same, we might just take this monster down.

  2. We are living in unconscionable times. Hard to fathom the reversal of values happening in such a short space of time.

  3. Oh gosh its horrible! I can't even imagine what those poor souls must be going through. Evocative write, Sherry!

  4. A wonderful write, Sherry. It is all horrible, "Humphty Dumpty" is a great methopher.

  5. I am so heavy with sorrow. I can't imagine having my child ripped from my arms. We must hope...We must share hope.

  6. We will reclaim
    the country we know

    The politicians cannot have it their own way. A dissenting voice can be very strong with good numbers participating!


  7. Just what I am saying, Sherry. I am glad to hear you saying that we will put things back together again.
    Bad men (no or few ladies -- mainly men in dark suits) with dead eyes, sooo good writing.
    BTW, had you seen the cover of Time Magazine, that little girl is looking up at mr trump?

  8. This made me cry, Sherry, when Anne's name appeared and you spoke directly to her, so reassuringly. Thank you, my friend.

    Thinking about the future for these children who have been torn away from their parents, for the children who have been killed and survived our gun-crazy culture (including the killing of Antwon Rose this week in Pittsburgh, which is my second home, where I grew up and went to school), for my own children... the future is soon, the future is now. They will be grown in a blink and into what kind of society? This one is unacceptable.


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