Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Disconnected Heart

Only a disconnected heart
that has forgotten its purpose,
that same heart that must have,
once, fallen in love,
 experienced the wonder
of its child being born,
could go to work
in a place where it is forbidden
to hold or comfort 
traumatized children
who are crying for their parents.

Ripping a baby
out of her mother's arms
as she screams in terror,
"I'm just following orders,"
flies in the face
of all humanity,
convincing me that wolves
live more ethically
than some humans,
and we have lost our way.

I have had trouble putting words to the situation at the southern border. I never thought I would see such things in North America. Clearly, he thought this situation would force Democrats to let him build the wall he is so obsessed with. I think he miscalculated. There are a lot of CONNECTED and outraged hearts on this continent right now.

I really am at a loss for words, but am attempting to respond to Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Humans.

I read recently that wild animals come out at night now in order to avoid humans. They are wise.


  1. Outrage often reveals what human is, hidden in the lack. And then, certainly we might wish humans had the qualities of a wolf or a bird or a tree ... Well captured! (I heard today that DT might have gained compassion.)

  2. I read he signed another order to reverse his previous order. We shall see he is always signing orders of some sorts.

  3. We can learn a lot from the animals.If DT had a brain scan I just know that they would find something wrong.He is definitely a few sheep short in the top paddock.

  4. The animals are within the scope of higher intelligence. They will always outshine as being the "superiors" in this world, on this planet. We could take more than notes and lessons from them.

    Following orders??
    I will NOT even touch on this. My blood boils in the face of all of this absolute ... right - I'll leave it blank out of respect for a more P.G. audience.

  5. It's sad we're living through this time. You'voiced well Sherry. Hope many more read this poem.

  6. I cannot believe what is going on! All poets across the world, starting with everyone on WordPress, should take pen to hand, write and post, on the same day, at the same time, similar poems of outrage, anger, sadness and despair. Thank you, Sherry.

  7. Tearing me up Such an unbelievable thing to happen. You have worded this very well Marja xx

  8. All very strange as we watch from a distance.. wish all those pictures of children in middle eastern war zones also garners the same attention and collective effort so children everywhere can be safe and with their families. Tragic.

  9. live more ethically
    than some humans,
    and we have lost our way.

    Humans have acted like animals or to put it another way, animals are more human and humane!


  10. The change of policy recently announced clearly accepts the mistake so hopefully it will be quickly rectified. Bullying immigrants wins few supporters and sadly insensitive handling of potential migrants in Australia is causing distress as well. The brutal tactics are hoped to act as deterents for others hoping to come as well. Sadly desperation to leave dangerous or hopeless homelands outways the risks.

  11. How wise you final words, when we follow an idiot, we have lost our way.

  12. I've had difficulty coming to grips with this. I can't believe that this is actually happening in my country.

  13. Sherry, you are more courageous than I. I can't even attempt to put inot words the grief I feel about this crazy policy. My heart breaks to see children mistreated this way. As a social worker I worked so hard to help families treat their children well. Can't believe the country's policy is to abuse them.

  14. You and so many of us are in horror and shock to what is going on, and I think you are right, wolves live more ethically. :-(

  15. I do wonder what would happen if these people would just NOT follow orders. So many in this situation have been compliant in the name of doing their jobs. What if people refused! I admired the airlines that said they would NOT fly these children. MORE need to just say no. It is perhaps only when the average person begins to say NO that things will change.

  16. Your poem is a direct writing. No colouring of words or phrases. The human heart in some of us have failed in the art of loving

    Thanks for dropping by to read my response to the prompt



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