Saturday, June 16, 2018

My Heart, a Tiger's Nest

My heart yearns toward a monk's cell
perched on the edge of a mountain cliff,
halfway between here and heaven.

Yet here I am, in a grey little town
in the valley,
trying to fashion my unwieldy life
into something
that does not give offence.

My challenge, the cliff-walk
of understanding the distance
between where you are
and where I long to be.

My practice, the lighting of incense
and, sometimes, hearts,
with the weaving of words.

My sorrow, the mantra of my soul:
how to tame
the tiger's nest of
keening for all that was,
all that may never be again,
so it may bed down
in peace.

A poem from 2015, thatI will share with the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads.


  1. Wow, I am struck by the horror of trying to fashion one's life into 'something that does not give offence'. Unbearable for us wild girls! Then, I am impressed by the courageous persistence, keeping on lighting the incense, trying for understanding, and weaving the words.

  2. This 'cliff walk', the practice and then the weaving of words. Wonderful.

  3. Peace is guaranteed. Just...not here. :-(

  4. this is softly one of another of recent and very heartfelt prayers/poems and petitions you've offered us lately Sherry - it is incredibly profound and moving.

  5. I wrote this when I lived in the valley, longing for Pup and the sea, trying to fit my life into the wrong setting. I am so grateful to be here on the shore at last.

    1. oh, that is interesting, "trying to fit my life into the wrong setting" - damn, how that resonates with me - LOL - now, if I could take those moments and translate them into the equivalent of such eloquent and graceful words and meaning, as you have done? well - that would be something ...

  6. This is deeply evocative, Sherry! *Hugs*

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  8. mJune 19, 2018 at 10:37 AM

    I loved visiting the Grecian monestories, two of them. The last one of your picture source was the The Holy Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas Anapausas in Meteora, Greece, which I visted as a Princess cruise excursion after coming out of the Black Sea. One of my attributes is the ability to run away on my birthdays. For sure if my 'secure place' in my life were to depart I would run to there (or to Sydney, Aus). I think your 'poet' also has had the best of two lives. BTW, our dogs have made it a threesome, my Adi and your Pup were loves of our lives. 

    1. Well Jim I hope you are cashed up. Sydney is the fourth most expensive city in the world.The non multi millionaires down here are doing it tough:)

      I am glad you made it back to Torfino Sherry.I remember you used to write so many poems about it. Miracles do happen.

  9. I love these prayers you put into the universe. So full of love and awareness of all around you. I am so glad you found your way back to the ocean.

  10. Fate certainly tests us during our lives. How we crave for comfort in our last years caressed by the breeze and the sound of the sea.

  11. The idea of having to fashion one's life into something that gives no offense makes me cringe a bit. It's sad... especially because sometimes, it's necessary.

  12. The nature and its serene songs give us peace indeed.

  13. A beautiful write as you light up my heart with your woven words😊. Never mind the challenge and sorrow..... life’s too short for all that!

  14. Oh that last line is glorious and so true to the heart. I feel your words here Sherry. No one can write of the journey of the heart, and soul through loss and love of nature quite like you!


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