Thursday, June 7, 2018


not like a pounding rain
beating clamorously against
the side of the cabin.....

but like enu*:
a soothing morning mist,
is my heart,
gentled by storm
into stillness.

not like a wild horse
on the prairie,
feet galloping, heart pounding,
kicking up clods of dirt
as her mane
catches the wind.....

but like an old mare
in the pasture,
eating grass and daisies,
tail lazily switching flies,
is my heart,
tired from all the clamour,
seeking only peace.

not like a pack of wolves,
their howls keening
into the midnight hours,
wild and sorrowing......

but like the lone wolf,
silently leaving the pack
to find the pathway
to her solitary death,
is my heart,
reclusive and at peace,
following the gentle
downhill slope
of the months and years
I have left.

*enu: the Japanese word for a misty rain

for Bjorn's prompt at dVerse: Via Negative, using the negative in poetry to make a statement stronger. And for Toni's prompt at Real Toads: 50 Shades of Rain.


  1. This is a lovely way to use the prompt... the rain and the negative path to paint a contrast... lovely with the image of the horse and the wolf

  2. Oh Sherry. This is so beautiful. This poem is like the misty rain. I can see the made in the pasture, the wolf. It seems out lives flow from the torrential rain of our youth to the gentle mist of our later years. Beautifully done. Thank yoj.

  3. Love how you took this and made it so personal and rich with life!

  4. The contrasts are amazing ...

  5. Sherry, you have a crafted a wonderful poem. Yes, a lone wolf is sometimes more peaceful after a hectic life of running.

  6. There's something meditative in this, an acceptance of the world. It's lovely.

  7. stunning and deeply reflective - and even without the info. about the process (although much appreciated) - I just love the resonance, and the strength, the counterpoint of the contrasts, and the wisdom imparted. Definitely paints a rich scene.

  8. Oh, Sherry, your beautiful words resonate with the old woman in me! This one is a treasure, my friend.

  9. I love the contrasts you used here Shirley, lol. Seriously, my heart feels the same way. I much prefer quiet to clamour. I like the notion of gracefully maturing; it's a wonderful life

  10. My Goodness is this beautiful - I adore the comparison to the mare, the wolf... Well done! I have to save this to my Pinterest

  11. Beautifully done, Sherry!I love the
    '...soothing morning mist,
    is my heart,
    gentled by storm
    into stillness',
    the old mare
    'tired from all the clamour,
    seeking only peace'
    and the lone wolf.
    We are animals, after all. :)

  12. A soft heart is a very precious thing - guard it well, Sherry, dear friend.

  13. God, the is gorgeous. Beautifully structured. A favorite for me, Sherry.

  14. Wow! Comparisons are amazing. I can see those horses and daisies, feel the sense of contentment.

  15. Nice descriptive line: "reclusive and at peace"

  16. May you find that peaceful serenity of spirit.

  17. Nice way of illustrating it with movements of living creatures, Sherry!


  18. I loved the image of the old mare in the pasture!

  19. This is a truly wonderful poem, Sherry. You let the world tell your story, and the placid seep of this rain is a blessing.

  20. I love the contrast here. It emphasized the serenity of the heart.



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