Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Old Tree

Like an old tree,
I survived storm and drought,
the clipping and bending
and breaking
of my boughs.
I learned to stand steady
as winds of change
howled through my limbs;
thrust my roots down deep,
braced myself against
the slipping sands
under my feet.

Like an old tree,
I have endured,
weary of my labours,
branches drooping,
bark chipped and pocked,
the foreboding 
of an early frost
nipping at my toes.

I send messages
of encouragement
to young sprouts

popping up,
jostling me,
their growth encroaching
on my space,
as has been the grand design
through all of time.

They will carry my legacy,
my teachings, my dreams,
into tomorrow,
replacing my songs
with their own,
spreading their arms wide,
expanding in the sun,
all the while 
is bending me
into the earth.

For Sumana’s prompt at Midweek Motif, Poets United: What do I think of myself? I think: I am a tired old tree. I think: I have risen above my raising, yet been less than what I might have been.

And shared with the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads


  1. Love the likeness to an old tree... I think we are all a bit like trees... but trees are better.

  2. I like your strength and wisdom as the tree - this existence is rooted in survival and its power. And this is the kind which encourages the many voices abound and supports the growth of new ones. A truly inspirational write. It's good to read and cherish your words again, Sherry. :-)

  3. This poem filled me with smiles...

    I see all that gentle goodness in you, the vastness of your giving nature, the strength with which you support those who follow in your step, your fairness of spirit--I love how you love trees and wolves and people and anythings that needs love.

    Some days, I rather not be grouped under the human label. Then, I read something like this, and I feel the urge to tell the world, "See? I'm human just like her."

  4. Wow Sherry. You know how I love trees especially old ones. I wish we humans could be more like the trees. This is a wonderful poem.

  5. I love this entire poem, but those last lines are so wonderful Sherry! I love the picture of you it is gorgeous!

  6. I am smiling. Thank you, friends, for your kind words. And Magaly - I love moments when we can be glad we are human - thank you so much!

  7. A phenomenal extended simile, Sherry! You epitomize an old tree so splendely!

  8. How important it is to understand the circle of life and to be happy that we are part of it.

  9. I have risen above my raising, yet been less than what I might have been... I will think deep on those thoughts Sherry... a sobering, contemplative poem.

  10. This is just so beautiful and heart warming and absolutely true!

  11. The old tree is a wonderful way to describe a long life. I wish I were as noble as your tree, or had lived as good a life towards my body as my dad (only his body, not mine--I have scars from him that you can see and also those only I can feel).

  12. There is a feeling of contentment acceptance and happiness about your reaching the conclusive stage of your life..I think you are one of the lucky ones.

  13. They will carry my legacy,
    my teachings, my dreams,
    into tomorrow...

    I believe this is true, Sherry. And I love the picture of you beneath the tree. Your roots extend all the way to Africa, dear friend.

  14. A beautiful feast - yes I know

  15. What a wonderful analogy. As I liken life to a rock tumbling down river, being honed and smoothened by time, you've used the tree withstanding storms yet standing strong (if among young sprouts!) I love it.

  16. A tree fits you perfectly. I like the young sprouts surrounding and love the nurture you give and the total usefulness and gifting of your life, May this old tree take a long long time to bend. We need you to continue to ground the landscape and sing of interconnectedness and wolves.

  17. You are a very beautiful tree, so full of life with strong roots. Never stop growing my friend.

  18. Wow I felt the strength and beauty of this tree withstanding the storms of life
    and I love the encouragement to young sprouts That's something I enjoy myself Keep on shining

  19. "I learned to stand steady"...And only the person concerned knows what this learning process means. I soooo love the attitude of this old tree, catering happiness and goodwill to everyone.

  20. oh loved the old tree...the true spirit....who would not love the shade of such a tree <3

  21. I wasn't able to write for this prompt, but so glad I stopped by to read your poem. It's beautiful, as are you. You remind me of our old peach tree. Each year, we think it won't blossom, yet it does. And you, my dear, are still blossoming though the limbs are bending, like mine.

  22. The tree metaphor carries beautifully throughout. Love this Sherry!

  23. Luv your tree analogy; its strength and forbearance. Happiest with your penultimate verse of inspiration
    "I send messages
    of encouragement
    to young sprouts"

    Sherry thank you for dropping by my blog to read mine

    much love...


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