Saturday, June 9, 2018

Greenly Greens

When you enter the forest,
walk with an open heart,
with good intention.
Greet the tree beings,
and all who live there.

The forest knows
you are coming.

At the trailhead,
it sends messages about you
through its root system.
If we walk unthinkingly,
with heavy boots,
the ferns and bushes 

So tread softly,
with kindness.
Let your good heart
bathe in green energy.
Breathe in peace.
Breathe out gratitude.

Thank all that is alive
in the greenest of greens,
from gigantic cedar
to lowly slug.

you are walking
in their territory.

I was taught this by a young Nuu chah nulth woman, Gisele Martin, who gives workshops about the history and protocals of the first people to live on this land, who were and are its guardians for thousands of years.

I am fortunate to have this forest a short walk from my apartment. There is a long interconnected system of trails, so that many can enjoy the peace of the forest. Shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United. Do come and join us.


  1. Old growth with so much wisdom at walking distance! how magical and wonderful - to be able to wander into another world, to be present and aware - to be grateful for the energies offered. Walk softly and carefully indeed, with purpose of course, in mind. How special!

  2. Thank you, Sherry, for this. I think we have to tread lightly in the forest....and in life. Keeping one's heart open is important. We must be listeners rather than speakers. The forest, and nature in general, has so much to teach us! Beautiful message, Sherry.

  3. I love this! Our indigenous people here teach a similar respect and communication.

  4. Oh yes, those Dryads in the trees deserve more respect and for nature to be left in peace.

  5. I love to be a visitor in a forest like this... too many forests are more tree plantations these days...

  6. This is beyond beautiful, Sherry!💞 I agree one must tread lightly and be humble around nature and in every aspect of life.💞

  7. Aah...To respect every form of life...hope we learn this sooner. So much gratitude in every word is here.

  8. Remember
    you are walking
    in their territory... they should put this up as a warning sign outside forests.. so true.

  9. We must be wary too of those with chain saws who see nothing but dollars in old growth forests. It seems as though we have been born into a mad world that can't see the future that trees can.

  10. Luv your call to forest bathing
    Happy Sunday Sherry


  11. This be a good poem!!! If only....

  12. It is always a pleasure walking through forests - mysterious and peaceful.

  13. I love that this reads like a how to guide for a perfect forest walk. I bet the trees and all living things approve. :-)

  14. We went on a walk last week and a robin hopped ahead in the lead. The firepinks were stunning Thanks for this poetic reminder.

  15. I love this one, Sherry. I always feel that we are unwelcome guests by the forest but still they treat us well. The poem is comforting.

  16. "it sends messages about you
    through its root system."

    Powerful, to think of its consciousness. How beautiful! I will walk kindly.

  17. That is why I walk slowly and see each step I take. Another one of your ancient Nature's prayer.

  18. I always greet the trees, Sherry! This is my kind of poem - I love it.

  19. Wonderful instructions to respect it.

  20. Lovely reminder to be respectful enough to listen when out & about

  21. A lovely piece, Sherry, that gently cascades to a reflective and reverent close.

  22. Breathe in peace.
    Breathe out gratitude.

    It is the acknowledgement that we extend, yes Sherry, the gratitude of being in peaceful surroundings that count most!



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