Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happy Solstice

He came walking across the sand
carrying a paper torch
in the early dawn,
sleepy little boy
with his smiling mom,
who is no longer
in this world.
We walked a labyrinth
drawn in sand,
between opposing tides.
As the waves met,
covering our feet,
we outraced
the sea.

It was Solstice,
and the world and I
were young.
Life was unfolding
on a golden beach,
and every beautiful,
longed-for thing
was there,
within my reach.

And now 
I am back at the shore,
no longer young.
And at last my longings
and my home
are one.

Happy Solstice!

*for Gael and Clay


  1. When the world and I were young -
    those were the days,eh?!

  2. And at last my longings
    and my home are one.

    Age and wisdom are a great combination when the time comes!


  3. And time always comes back in circles, with back home. But we are still young at heart, smiles. Have a good weekend Sherry!


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