Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Wolves at Long Beach - note how skinny
Parks Canada photo

Their forest is shrinking. They emerge, tentative, ghostly, in morning mist, seeking food, seeking shelter, seeking safe places that are no more. And they are chased, by men with guns, by helicopters with whirring blades, whole families fleeing in terror, falling, one by one, to lie bleeding in the snow.

Run, brother wolf, sister wolf.
Run like the wind.
Sing your wild song,
of forest den and your young.
Sing your plea
that your cubs will live.
Sing your elegy
for all we have lost,
all we are losing.
Sing our shared heartbreak
under the midnight moon.
My heart runs with you
as you flee for your life.
Run fast.
Run far.

May you find a place
untouched by man,
to live and dream
your wolfish dreams.
May you survive,
for in this sorrowing world
I need wild wolves

for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Running. The plight of animals, both domestic and wild, in today's world, keeps on breaking my tired old wolf-woman heart. 

Here on the Coast, wildlife officers try to avoid killing wolves. No helicopter shootings here - but in other places in B.C. and Alberta, it happens. And three cougar , a mother and two yearlings, were killed last week on the Lower Mainland. Loss of habitat drives them into developed areas in search of food - pretty much a death sentence for wildlife these days. 


  1. Too awful a reality seeing those emaciated wolves. Our lovely wombats and black cockatoos are endangered too.The young must take up the mantle of eco warriors.

  2. This is sad indeed Sberry. Thanks for the highlight of brother and sister wolf


  3. It's so hard for me to read of such cruelty. My tears flow too easily. If only they would cleanse the hearts of men with guns.
    Thank you for writing about this Sherry. I know it's really hard for you too.

    1. All my life I have been so strong and opimistic. I always thought the best in human nature would ultimately rise. And it might. But right now we are seeing so much of the worst in human nature that it has me feeling defeated. And a lifetime of tears are coming out in my old age - so many of them for the animals.

  4. We sometimes forget how WE need wild animals, how we need the land and resources that would keep them alive, How we benefit from their spirit. Good. Good.

  5. Oh yes, we need the wild to run freely to keep our souls from shrinking.

  6. I can feel your angst - the animals are running out of places to live. Run wolves find a sanctuary of peace in the wilderness.

  7. Sadly mankind has no thought for their wildlife fellow travellers on Earth. here in South Australia too much water has been taken from the Murray-Darling river system resulting in no habitat on water for migrating birds from Asia, so we are killing both the river and the wildlife!

  8. Places untouched by the ugly human hand are becoming increasingly scarce...

  9. Once I saw a video about how a land flourished with life with the introduction of wolves into the land. It was amazing. May such people's who think of all of Mother Earth's children tribe increase. It was heartbreaking but a beautiful poem Sherry.

  10. This is terrible, Sherry! Why do humans (men) have to kill and torture such beautiful animals? Your poem made me feel like I was running with the wolves.

  11. May they find a wide space and lots of food, without threat of humans. Such a sad photo and commentary.


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