Monday, July 3, 2017


You have faded
from sight and from sound.
But your wolf howl
has come to live
in my heart.

A warrior woman
is stirring there,
for something is wrong.
Something is wrong
in the land,
that we are trying
to understand.

I bid her:
for Mother Earth
is dying.
for all the whales
are crying.
for ravaged hillsides
which can
no longer grow.
to save
the earth.
It is
the only world
we know.

She tells me
warrior hearts are on the rise.
She says beyond the blood
and grief and guns,
we must be calm, and just,
and wise.

Since you're gone,
wolf howls have come
to live in my heart,
and a warrior woman
is stirring there,
for something is wrong.
Something is wrong,
ever since you've been

A poem from 2016, my friends. This morning on the news, scientists are concerned that on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, there are now only 78 orcas, not enough to sustain the population. Warming seas, loss of habitat and reduced salmon stocks are listed as the main problems. Salmon comprises most of the orca diet, and fish stocks have been reduced in recent years from over-fishing, and pollution, especially from fish farms.

Forest fires are burning, whales and wolves are hungry, all is not well in the land. What will it take for us to learn to live with respect for other species - and each other?


  1. How beautiful and inspiring.

  2. Such a strong voice, Sherry. That warrior woman is nurtured in your poetry.

  3. A strong, beautiful, hopeful poem (echo). There is still much to do. But help is coming.

  4. It is so discouraging, truly, but in our hearts, we *must* rally - we must continue to invoke the "true Warrior spirit" and listen for the answers - and then act with a compassionate heart and clear conscience.

    What a beautiful poem that speaks of the broken and yet offers comfort, peace and a quiet persistence - very moving.

  5. Such are the threats impacting on nature's rights which are difficult to counter. Wolf calls can be a a beauty in this case!



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