Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Through My Window

Through my window,
I can see my new outlook on the world:
a wall of green cedar that hides,
a short block away, the sea:
which I smelled this morning
when I slid the sliding door open: 
salty, pungent. I breathed it in,
as I heard the foghorn blow,
sounding like a feral cow,
lost on a lonely shore.
On the deck, beyond the glass,
sweet peas reach towards the sun, 
small flowers blooming, newly-planted,
which means: I am home.
Hummers buzz-storm the feeders,
a dozen at a time,
whirr of wings, darting small brown Rufus bodies,
alive with a hunger
it is my privilege to feed.
One lone bee has been sipping as well,
bereft of honey and a hive,
he makes do. We all make do.
It all spells out that wondrous gift: a Life.

Through my window I watched spring arrive,
then fulsome summer.
Soon I will watch fall segue to winter storms,
and rain will be the entire story, rain lashing, 
wild waves crashing, foghorn mooing,
months when everything that goes outside
must be swathed in rubber.

Through my window,
with delight, I watch 
the ever-glorious seasons pass.

for dVerse:  Looking Out, Looking In


  1. What wonderful thoughts, all from looking outside. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your island is just up the coast; your view close to my home & heart Love your view. Wife & I might come ump your way for a week the end of August. The island is like 300 miles long; looks smaller on the map.

  3. Charming images you share in your words and I laughed over the feral cow - exactly like a fog horn!

  4. Your view is music for the soul... so rich with delights for the senses.

  5. It must be nice to be near enough to the sea to smell it. I liked the phrase: " privilege to feed"

  6. I am envious...you have such a glorious view of the birds and trees and the ever changing season ~ Such a delight to see the view from your eyes Sherry ~

  7. I love the view from your window!Cedars nd sweet peas and hummers - oh my! It is so nice looking out on a summer's day.

  8. Oh Sherry so lovely to see your green curtains once again. Love those little hummers. So wonderful to live in the lap of Mother Nature.

  9. Thank you for sharing your view! It seems you have a wonderful vantage point to watch the seasons arrive and depart. Nature is forever changing in front of us. Some very beautiful imagery here. Thanks for posting to the prompt!

  10. The images are so rich and varied, and fit the photo perfectly, crowded with colour!

  11. Beautiful, Sherry..Luckily, very similar to my view on the Pacific Northwest...we live in paradise..the best is the fresh air!

  12. A 'wall of green cedar' - that must smell sublime, especially when it's mixed with the smell of the sea. I also like the thought that you can hear a foghorn - I've never heard one in real life! I especially love the description of the lone bee.

  13. Such a peaceful corner of the world you share with creation. I used to live near the ocean but it became outrageously expensive. Hummingbirds are my delight, too.

  14. Your window became my window. Your words brought it to life. Thank you.

  15. Isn't it the most wonderful of feelings? To see the green, the feathers, the dirt that says we've come home!

  16. A lovely world outside your window. I enjoy how you refer to the fog horn as a cow :))

  17. "as I heard the foghorn blow,
    sounding like a feral cow,
    lost on a lonely shore."
    I remember this sound from San Francisco, so mournful in the cold morning fog! How wonderful the wall of cedar and the sweat pea, the birds--your nest for new life.

  18. Such beauty....so close to nature...enviuos...I loved the whole poem...!

  19. A wonderful poem based on seasons!!! A new beginning, you can see it all, out your window!!

    1. The very mention of the sweetpeas, made me think of my Grandmother, she always grew sweetpeas, had a lovely garden.


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