Wednesday, July 26, 2017


is a place within.
Like a seashell,
I took sand, made it spin,
fashioned my home
on an inner sea,
and carried it
along with me.

It is a calm shore,
a gentle sea,
whose waves bring
back to me.

It's a key in the door
of a place called home,
where peace resides;
it's a brand new poem
that lifts the heart,
flies it away;
it's a morning song
of a brand new day.

It's a forest cathedral,
the song of the sea,
the hope that one day
you'll return to me.

It's an ancient pine
full of hummingbirds.
It's the feeling of home
too deep for words.

for Sumana's  prompt at Midweek Motif: Sanctuary. Wherever I live has always been my sanctuary - whichever modest dwelling I call home is always my safe place. Plus I have an inner refuge as well. In times when I have been without secure housing,  I carried home along with me till I could build a new nest. In all the years I lived away from this place I loved so much, inside my heart were the waves, endlessly advancing and retreating. In my heart, I was always walking those far beaches.

I am grateful for my present sanctuary, as I waited so long to return to this home of my heart and soul.  I am also mindful of the millions of people who are displaced and on the move all across the globe. We are blessed beyond imagining by those who struggle each day to survive.


  1. I love that seashell and the sanctuary you have lovingly fashioned

  2. The imagery here is gorgeous. By the sea is where you'll find me

  3. Very true, Sherry. Sanctuary definitely is a key in the door of a place called home. One can relax and be oneself there....lovely thoughts, Sherry.

  4. The photo seems to echo your inner sanctuary and the metaphor of the shell. Beautiful.

  5. I think it is everyones wish to find a safe and beautiful place to live without fear. This especially so when years of political or idealogical unrest causes such fear and danger that you must search for somewhere safer to live. How lucky we are to be able to live where we want in our own countries.

  6. We who have a home are blessed. Apart from the refugee crisis there are so many homeless in Oz which is a scandal considering the wealth of this country and the government's inability to provide affordable housing for all of its citizens. I am so pleased you finally got back to the place you love.

  7. Indeed it is. It is too deep and personal for words. So we reach out to imagination to express it.

  8. Love the seashell and love a forest cathedral beautiful Love the last stanza love it all Great poem Oh and that photo with the driftwood on the beach I have a similar photo from the West coast here. I love driftwood. Your place must be really beautiful as well.

  9. "fashioned my home
    on an inner sea,"

    And carried it with you to all of these places. Some places bless the inhabitants, and some inhabitants participate in nature creating a double blessing--like you do--and then the words arise, like these beauties. Wow.

  10. "too deep for words" Sherry. Now I'm dreaming of that pine tree jingling birdsong to me. And also of the sea rolling out peace, words, to me. I think I could sing every line. And I LOVE your balcony. It looks like a shrine.

  11. I agree with all the examples, Sherry. Sanctuary is comfort. I can almost hear the waves nearby while reading your poem

  12. This is perfect, Sherry. It fills the heart.

  13. Your words resonate with me, Sherry. Sanctuary need not be some grand place, merely the simplicity of home ... and yes, we are blessed to have our homes.

  14. This is heart and hope lifting, Sherry. If you can carry your home with you always, you have true inner peace. Gorgeous.

  15. oh this is so heavenly...yet so simple..loved this!

  16. We are blessed beyond imagining by those who struggle each day to survive.

    A home is where the heart is but it is also elusive for those mired in poverty or caught in a cross-fire of the strong and powerful. Very true Sherry!



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