Friday, June 30, 2017

Beautiful Boy

Drawing by Karin Gustafson

I felt your nose
on the edge of my bed
the morning after you died.
Your spirit must have been flying, then,
stopping in to tell me
on your way past.
I can never remember you
without tears,
my beautiful boy.
You always went before me
on the trail.
So, still, I follow you,
sending you love
until I catch up to you
at last.

Karin's prompt at Real Toads is flight. Her illustration spoke to me, the more so as Joy has lost her dear Chinook, and I know how long the missing lasts of these beautiful magical beings who graced our lives.


  1. I can so feel how he still walks before you... such a well chosen image for you.

  2. He is there, leading, waiting. So beautiful. I can see him.

  3. Ah, so sweet. You really had a strong bond with your boy--he must have been a great dog. It is a lovely piece. Thanks, Sherry. k.

  4. Oh, that lingering presence, the actual feeling and knowing they are there - you had me ripped and torn in tears with the first 3 lines - so painful yet in some ways, comforting too - this is a wonderfully evocative poem - and yes, best to think of them as "free" and waiting for us - just lovely.

  5. This is shear beauty.

  6. One just can't help but being emotional when a loved one (human or otherwise) goes suddenly!


  7. Perfect.. Every line tells of the connection between you and your Pup.

  8. those phantom noses are both comforting and terribly cold. The cat rubs across the legs are the same after they've gone

  9. Wet nose, wet eyes. The loss is one thing. Missing is the real work of love.

  10. When you write of your beloved dogs, I cannot stop the tears ...

  11. a dog is such a companion and surely leaves a big void when they die - you found beautiful words..

    1. He is always there with you. Just close your eyes and breathe deeply. Call him by name and he will come.



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