Sunday, July 9, 2017

Evening Beach Walk

The plan was for an evening beach walk and a sunset. We have been having some spectacular ones lately.

But the weather changed, and there was cloud cover. 

The colours were pretty and it was pleasant watching them slowly change.

I took a lot of photos.

Everything turned beautifully blue.

Then a warning came up: "Batteries exhausted!"

And THEN..........the MOON came up. We watched it emerge from the clouds: huge, round, full, golden, unlike any moon I have seen for a very long time (me being given to early hours). And......I couldn't take a picture to capture it! Argh.

A friend said, "You don't need a photo to make it real."

No, but I would like to have captured it and shared it with you. Next time. I will get to more sunsets and moon-rises, after last night.


  1. Thanks for these, Sherry...they have a very subtle feel to them, quiet and maybe even pensive. You'll get the moon eventually...


  2. Great pics Sherry! Takes patience and talents combined certainly.


  3. ahh that was the Full Buck moon that got away - but your eyes saw what the machine failed to - thank you sharing such beauty with us, especially appreciated by this city dweller.

  4. Sorry to miss the climax of this adventure, but the getting there was great. Haha.

  5. Truly a remarkable view. I can only imagine actually being there.

  6. Gorgeous photos..all of these sceneries stir my soul, so beautiful! The moon sounds so magical..yes it would have been a nice capture, but the memory is imprinted forever within!

  7. She's home! She's home! She's home!

  8. Oh - hey what about d'Verse? Domaine expired???????

  9. Well, you will undoubtedly get sick of this, bought your book - Blue Sky Moments love it. A d so sorry to read about Jasmine - truly - big hug.


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