Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Not So Far To Fall

He said make-up was one thing, 
worn to a party,
but he didn't see the point, 
first thing in the morning
at breakfast.

He couldn't see that 
that pink mask I hid behind
covered my feelings of 
unworthiness, unlovableness,
It was those feelings
that made me leave,
in fear he would leave me first.

Soon after, I stopped
with the make-up.
I worked on coming home to myself,
knowing being all right within
was the most important thing.
That anyone to whom I wasn't good enough
-or enough-enough -
was not the right one for me.

A big black wolf
was the one to show me 
what unconditional love
truly was.
And no masks are possible,
when you love the wild.

At seventy,
when one might soften
the mask of aging with artifice,
I no longer care.
I face the world, 
clear and honest,
bad hair, wrinkles, and all.

From masks to authenticity
is not so far
to fall.

for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motiff: Masks


  1. I started to write to this prompt, but failed to complete it. And the amusing part of that is, I was going in the same direction. Thanks for completing my thoughts for me,


  2. So many lines to love! But I have two favorites: "And no masks are possible,
    when you love the wild." and, of course, "From masks to authenticity
    is not so far
    to fall."
    I'm with you all the way!

  3. Dogs like to roll in the mud or worse, I hope you'll draw a line at that! Like you I never wear makeup.

  4. From masks to authenticity
    is not so far
    to fall... brilliant..loved that close.

  5. "knowing being all right within / was the most important thing."...Aye,aye. This is my staunch belief. I love every line of the poem, Sherry.

  6. Fantastic and that's what I love about getting older. That you don't care anymore and can just be yourself. For me it's a rising instead of a falling from the mask :)

  7. Very powerful...beautiful...loved it!!

  8. A beautiful one on self discovery and acceptance. It answered a lot of ongoing questions in my life. Thank u for that :)

  9. From masks to authenticity
    is not so far to fall

    Wonderful ending Sherry. Very honest and very realistic stand to adopt!


  10. Oh, this is lovely!! It just fits with everything i think...Sherry!
    Life loves you & life wants you to be happy, too! We need to determine what makes us happy, no one else must get to decide the parametres of our happiness....AND
    Everything changes when we take ACTION!!
    Fantastic poem. I love animals. They are truly powerful conduits of unconditional love. Bravo.

  11. A wonderful thought, it's true!

  12. The freedom to be one's authentic self is a heady thing!

  13. This speaks to me so powerfully. Marvelous work, Sherry.

  14. To face the world clear and honest - bad hair and wrinkles and all......I think many of us at a certain point realize that there is no necessity for masks. What you see is what you get! Ha - I gave up make-up a long time ago. Why hide the person I am! And yes - no masks are possible when one loves the wild...or really loves at all! A stunning poem, Sherry.

  15. So, so true. Discover and radiate the beauty which is us It Is there; As you so wonderfully painted.

  16. Coming home to one's self is the most important work one can do in this world

  17. "And no masks are possible,when you love the wild." and, of course, "From masks to authenticity is not so far to fall." This is so beautifully wise.

  18. So true, my friend. :-)

    I've finally stopped trying to be what others want me to be too. It feels so good. It's just a pity it took me so long.

    Take care, Sherry. xxx

  19. Beautiful honesty Sherry- love or liking of oneself brings with it peace.
    Anna :o]
    (Sorry it took me so long to get here!)


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