Saturday, July 8, 2017


Global BC tv camera operator Pat Bell shot this film of horses fleeing wildfires near Ashcroft, B.C.

The wildfires burn
while the wild things flee.
Their plight will be
our destiny.

We have heated this planet
beyond repair,
their home and ours,
without much care.

The sun sets red
with the forest's blood.
Wildlife flees,
wild hoofbeats thud.

Who will answer
the wild ones' "Why?"'s?
Who will hear
their mournful cries?

We destroyed their home
as well as our own.
Now we'll play the hand
as the dice was thrown.

My heart is heavy with the wildfires burning all over the province, thoughts of the wolves and bears and deer fleeing in terror, hillsides burning to the ground. Each summer hotter than the last and government legislation far too slow in response - two or three decades too slow. Wildfires, floods, earthquakes, extreme temperatures.............if we survive, future generations will wonder at our apathy and slowness to understand our situation.


  1. "We have heated this planet
    beyond repair"

    "The sun sets red
    with the forest's blood"

    I hear you. Let's cool it down.

  2. The temperatures here in California are breaking all records. Ironically we are a big environmental state.


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