Saturday, April 22, 2017

Running Free In the Forests of Heaven

Running free
in the forests of Heaven
is how I see you,
tail and ears up
and that old wild gleam
in your eye.
I never tamed you.
I never wanted to.
We both loved the wild,
and I honored it in you.

Those big puppy paws,
I hope they're lolloping along
miles of sandy beaches,
dipping in and out
of the waves,
the way you always did,
impervious to my calls
as you always were,
until you were done,
and then along you'd come,
galloping back
to me.
You'd pick up a piece 
of driftwood
as we left,
and carry it to the car,
for remembering.

Now I am the one
who is remembering.
And one day,
when it's time,
old wilderness pal of mine,
may you come lolloping
back to me
to guide me safely home.

There are only three things
I need to see in Heaven -
the first is you,
and old growth forests,
and the sea,
so we can walk those trails,
hike endless sandy beaches,
and watch the sunset, 
once more,
you and me.

One from 2015, my friends. I cant believe how much I still miss him, six years later.  Shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United, wonderful reading every Sunday morning.


  1. Oh, Sherry, I do remember this one. Really, I think this is my favorite poem about Pup. I just feel your feelings in it so strongly. He really was your soulmate.

  2. And I still miss Mac after thirty years. For some of the very same reasons,


  3. I am in tears now – but sweet, good tears.

  4. This took me back to Lake Berryessa, Arlene and my favorite outdoor escape. Memories. Thank you

  5. thank you Sherry for sharing such blessed moments of yours...

  6. Loving this always,though it also makes me sad.

  7. You'd pick up a piece
    of driftwood
    as we left,
    and carry it to the car,
    for remembering.... that line was so moving.. beautiful memories Sherry.

  8. I think it is a measure of how much you have loved your pets when you read a beautiful reminiscence like this one of yours Sherry and you own eyes well up with mine have done.

  9. Running in the forests of heaven is a wonderful thought

  10. How we miss our friends & the time spent! The memories remain to replay.

  11. Oh this is so tender and heartfelt, Sherry! *Big hugs!*

  12. I just realized that my big girl, Harley, came to us on April 22 2015. Time just seems to fly by, but dogs do make a difference to our fast paced lives, which is why it is so sad they live such short lives.

  13. Aww, what a beautiful tribute... I love the picture, too. Dogs are such wonderful companions. :)

  14. Nice memory, and I see him next to you in every day walking about...

  15. What a gentle, loving tribute to a beloved fur friend. Beautifully written and touching.

  16. This is so beautiful Sherry

    Have a nice Sunday

    Much love...

  17. To love so much that we refuse to push our believes and wants into our loved one is something we should all aim for. Free love grows wild and lovely, it grows to be itself.

    I so love when you write poetry about your pup.

  18. This is a sweet one Sherry. Made me cry again!

  19. We will always miss our dearest friends,


  20. So touching, Sherry! So dearly missed not easily forgotten! Always in one's memory.


  21. The intense bond of companionship between you and Pup comes through so strongly in your imagery and words here. Beautiful.

  22. I don't find it odd that you still grieve and remember him so fondly. The other day I thought I saw Daisy, lying in the yard. I miss her so much, as well as all my other canine companions.
    I love this poem since the 1st time I read it. It still moves my emotions.

  23. Hugs, Sherry. What a lovely testimonial. I can definitely feel the bond between the two of you. Hugs again.

  24. Another lovely homage for Pup. We do miss those little creatures so. Ironically, I just got off the phone with one of my sisters back east who had to put her little dog down a month ago. (She'd had him for 17 years.) She is still grieving for her terribly. If we didn't love our dogs so much, it wouldn't hurt so bad when they go.

    1. oops...'She'd had her'. Little Sukie.

  25. What a tribute and sweet interlude.

  26. Nothing has filled the gap since pup has left. Some animals are very special and can never be replaced.
    Lovely poem.

  27. Oh, I do believe you will be guided safely home!

  28. I love how you honor your baby's spirit in this piece. I believe I'll see my Faye someday too.


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