Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Red Tulips On the Altar of the Morning

The gong sounds.
Monks bow their heads
in meditation.
Burgundy-robed nuns
kneel and flatten
in prostrations,
a thousand repetitions
for the good of all beings.
A sherpa places
one slow foot after another,
circling the sacred mountain.

On the other side of the world,
I walk the beach,
breathing in the constant
prayer of the sea,
the promise of the arching sky.
One breath, another breath,
at one with sand and sea,
inhaling the westerly.

I pat and praise
a white wolf dog
with blue eyes.
It is a prayer of love
for his safe passage.
He leans his head on me
in trust.
A message from my boy.

I choose red potted tulips
at the nursery
and carry them home,
whispering thanks
for their beauty.
I place them in
a sheltered corner of my porch,
a prayer of promise
for spring,
for sunny days,
a prayer of gratitude
for being and for beauty.

I watch small hummers
at the feeder,
my heart expanding
with tenderness
for birds and blossoms.

This whole morning
has felt holy,
each new joy unfolding
its own prayer.

for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Holiness / Holy Day


  1. If we but open our heart, holiness is there!

  2. How much inspiration there is for us in the world to make us content with our wonderful life for it is there all around us.

  3. It is most possible that the steps you describe on both sides of the world are connected. I love the gesture with the dog and with the hummers and the red tulips to complete the picture of holiness. A wonderful morning.

  4. Wonder, if we'll ever learn, that true Holiness isn't found in a gaudy building, costing millions to build, but the simple things, around us. Like the animals that share li ve with us.

  5. Amazing how the world was joined as one in prayer. Strong message. Thank you

  6. You have expressed holiness so well. Among the most simple things we can really feel the holy. And such joy in those ordinary prayerful experiences on an ordinary day.

  7. I like the idea of joy unfolding its own prayer.

  8. it's wonderful to think breaths of prayer wrapping the whole world into a pristine your potted tulips Sherry :)

  9. And ordinary things we love become extraordinary. Just beautiful, Sherry!

  10. Beauty is holiness and we are surrounded by it.Wonderful poem.

  11. Luv that you have crafted and defined your day Holy.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today Sherry

    Much love...

  12. There is such a hushed tone to all of this, I almost feel a trespasser. Thank you for sharing it,


  13. You the ways and things of holiness in this world...

  14. Aah, by discovering deep spiritual truth you are able to offer every moment to God....Very Holi, indeed :))
    Beautiful poem, Sherry!

  15. lovely expressions of personal experience..each day is holy all over the world..we can make peace


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