Thursday, April 6, 2017


Big dogs and little dogs,
happy dogs and sad,
dogs on the furniture,
dogs being bad.

When I look
from Here to There,
I see dog hair

I think I just might
wind up thinner -
they ate the roast
I planned for dinner.

I'd maybe eat 
brown eggs and Spam,
if I was even
crazier than I am.

We don't have
a cat in the hat,
just one who brings
dead bunnies in
and lays them
on the mat.

Rhyming like Seuss
can be a cinch
but that old grinch
won't give an inch.

Wacky Wednesdays
backwards go,
so I typed this po-umm
with my toe!

Backward from 
my comfy bed,
I sat on the toilet
on my head.

Yuck! that experience
was not pleasant.
Now I need 
to find a pheasant

not for use
at dinnertime,
but just because 
I need to rhyme.

Back to dogs
and it's
Go, Dogs, Go!
The only Seuss poem
I really know.

It's a sad sad day
for Dr Seuss.
And now I need
to find a moose.

Ha, Stacie over at Real Toads asked for a whimsical poem a child might enjoy. I pulled this out of the hat, figuring the toilet line might appeal to kids, if nothing else. Smiles.


  1. Heehee. Big fun, Sherry. The toilet line made me laugh. You've channeled Seuss here (and there...and OH, I like it everywhere.)

  2. Oh this made me smile, Sherry! I can see all those dogs on the furniture being bad! My cats wouldn't like that but my daughter would - she has two lovely Jack Russells.
    I giggled at the roast dinner being eaten up and the 'brown eggs and spam'!

  3. The first three stanzas describe my life to a T.

  4. Ahahaha ❤️ this is absolutely delightful, Sherry!

  5. I'm smiling, Sherry. A precious Seuss type poem. I do hate it though that the cat brought the DEAD rabbit. Here is was being kind and serious with my bunny today. Still love it though.

  6. i love Seuss. i love dogs. love your poem

  7. i do deduce
    a hint of Suess
    a rhyme or two
    for us to view
    and so i say
    without delay
    your poem really
    made my day

  8. I Love This, Sherry. So much fun

  9. Dr. Sherry, I may not like green eggs ham, but I like this poem, Sher I Am

  10. I'm still giggling.

  11. This is so cute. I needed a smile today.

  12. I *needed* this one, Sherry! Thank you ~

  13. Ha ha, you had fun with this one! And of course there HAD to be dogs.:)

  14. Nice rhymes in praise of dogs and moose.

  15. Oh my what fun! I just read this out loud to my kids and we all laughed! :-) Go Dog Go happens to be the first Suess book my son read by himself and he still loves it. Thank so much for participating in my prompt Sherry. You indeed have a child in your heart, and your poem is a joy! -Stacie


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