Thursday, April 6, 2017

April Fools

Yesterday, April was fair and buxom:
warm sun, blossoms,
the air full of birdsong.
Little hummers zoomed
back and forth to the feeder.
We all expanded, smiled,
welcomed the soft-scented
arrival of spring.

Today April is grey, wet, chilly.
The wall of green outside my window
is flailing in the wind,
a wild dervish dance,
arms upflung.
At the beach,
waves roar in like jet planes,
huge and voracious,
gobbling the sand.

And we are April's fools,
alternately charmed 
and drenched,
wooed, then rejected,
beguiled, then shocked
by the unexpected.

For Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: April


  1. Oh, Sherry, how perfectly you have described April's finicky nature; the only predictable quality about it is its unpredictability!;)

    I enjoy both sides of this month, as one complements the other. Thanks for presenting them.


  2. I am definitely one of these fools in love with April and its many moods. I'm about to post my poem on the same topic--a very American poem.

  3. April definitely taunts us with its pleasures, then shocks us with its drenching rain. April is a tease....and one never knows what to expect.

  4. It doesn't sound as if you're complaining too much really. :)

  5. You have so aptly described our Spring in my world too. Possible snow flurries today, 74 degrees predicted for Sunday. April is fickle!

  6. April is truly for those who see. By the chords of this song April has one more flower in bloom.

  7. I love your beautiful pics of the sea. Hey, no palm trees (just kidding:)

  8. aw...that is truly very love the first line of the first stanza :)

  9. fun & real as rain/it brought a smile here (not easy)thanx & keep on, g.r.

  10. There is truth to your poem, Sherry. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

  11. Yes, there is both laughter and tears in April, Sherry. Lovely poem.


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