Thursday, April 20, 2017

Crow At Large

Canuck the Crow was helped to live
by the humans of the Lower East Side
when he fell out of his nest
as a baby.

Midst the disenfranchised
and the struggling,
he lives with camaraderie
for his fellow beings,
who share what little they have
with Canuck the Crow.

He  alights on peoples' shoulders,
begs for treats, tilting his head winsomely
and shining his beady eye.
He even rides the Skytrain,
zoom zoom.

One morning, as police were arresting
a young man brandishing a knife,
the knife fell to the sidewalk, with a clatter.
Canuck swooped in,
picked it up with his swift beak
and flew off, partner in crime.
The police gave chase.

Eventually, the news anchor
informed us that evening,
the knife was recovered
and entered into evidence.
The crow was still at large.
Canuck, the newsman added,
with droll face and lopsided grin,
was "known to police."

Canuck and his dad Shawn Bergman.
Shawn is relieved here after Canuck's recovery 
from being knocked out  by a flag at a soccer game,
apparently on purpose.

True story. For Shay's prompt at Real Toads: Crows. Very clever birds. I must say the photographer was as quick as Canuck, to capture this on film. Canuck is a famous denizen of the Lower East Side. As a baby crow, he was helped to live by Shawn's landlord's son. When he was deemed big enough to be released, they set him free, but he returned straight to Shawn's shoulder, and has stuck close by ever since.

His fame spread after the above incident. He has his own facebook page, has been featured in paintings at a Vancouver art show, and has had his own meet and greet in the downtown core.  As of last word, he is still very busy finding objects and schmoozing with folks in the Lower East Side.

Shawn Bergman photo


  1. Oh I love this!! Crows are amazing.

  2. Wow. What a cool crow. Great storytelling Sherry.

  3. Ohmygosh. I freakin' love this, SO much. <3

  4. My goodness this is good!!❤️

  5. A very nice story, Sherry. Loved your telling it in verse. I've not known a pet bird, I hadn't realized they could be so loyal to their masters. Thank you. Oh yes, I intend to check Canuck's FB page.

  6. What a wonderful true story, so glad you told it.

  7. This is such a crazy story! Thanks for sharing it!

  8. Well done; putting thus story into a poem. ...and thank you for bringing this story to us.

  9. I adore crows! I will have to drop by Real Toads and read some crow magic. I loved yours and this story~ I will have to like this cool crow on FB.

  10. Ha. Charming, fun, a piece of NYC! k.

  11. Like the story and of course, the crow.


  12. Fantastic story from everyday life

  13. I believe crows make faithful companions.

  14. Winsome is a perfect word for Canuck! :)


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