Saturday, April 29, 2017


There is going to be a wedding in the garden
this morning,
Mother Earth, the patient bride,
awaiting fickle Sky-groom,
fair-weather friend.
He is dawdling,
arranging his clouds just so,
to look his best.
He can be seen casting glances
at neighboring planets.
The groomsmen look at each other
and shake their heads.

The bride is resplendent 
in her grass-green gown,
dotted with magenta rhododendrons.
Her cascading waterfall tresses
roll bountifully down,
and an exaltation of skylarks
cavort about her head and shoulders,
joyously singing.

Birds just love a good wedding.

Wild bunnies peep, big-eyed, 
from under the floral garlands.
A mama deer and her fawn attend
but at a distance, out in the pasture.
The bride's attendants are covered
with pink and purple blossoms.
The trees stand tall in their tuxedos,
sporting a carnation in every lapel.
From every bough,
a collective of assorted yard birds 
warble a clarion call
to the assembled guests~
joy on a summer morning.

Sunflowers and weeping willow
line the aisle with splendor.
Mother Earth approaches,
carrying pink luscious peonies,
smiling a tremulous smile,
faintly tinged with tears.
She is softened and sweet,
with an attitude 
of wistful hopefulness
against the inner fear
she does not wish to see:
her groom is changeable,
can burn or freeze her at will.
she is dressed in her best,
lets her heart do the rest.
She steps forth with head held high,
into the moment.
The only time for love,
my friends,
is Now. 

One from the spring of 2015, my friends, to be shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United on Sunday morning. Wishing you all a wonderful sunny weekend!


  1. so true - the only time for love is now - ha - i like how you describe the bride with her grass-green dress - what a marriage - eh... beautiful

  2. This is so gorgeous, Sherry! I love it!

  3. Wonderful description, Sherry. Glad you mentioned her misgivings, makes it all that more natural.


  4. This is beyond words. Thank you for thrilling our imagination.

  5. Hi sherry!
    I absolutely loved it. The only time is now indeed.
    Mother earth makes a fabulous bride , your words do her complete justice :)
    I'm sharing this on my social media because I just love this poem so much!

  6. I so love the idea of a wedding in the garden.. These are the kind of days we live for.

  7. Waiting for that fickle Sky groom feels awful - thank heavens for the light offered in the last verse

  8. Sigh. I know, I don't have any words, that'll do justice. to this poem, Sherry, beyond thank you.

  9. This is a wonderful image... the groom being his best, the thought of the trees in tuxedos was especially good...

  10. I was lost in the fantasy garden for the fantasy wedding. Beautiful! Great ending ... Time for love is now!

  11. Oh, the groom always dawdles, no matter who he is! :)

  12. This is well timed for Beltane/ May Day, but I especially loved the reminder that the best time for love is always Now with a capital N. :)

  13. "He is dawdling,
    arranging his clouds just so,
    to look his best."

    Indeed he must present his best self

    So luv this

    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard today Sherry

    much love...


  14. Sunflowers and weeping willow
    line the aisle with splendor.
    Mother Earth approaches,
    carrying pink luscious peonies,
    smiling a tremulous smile,
    faintly tinged with tears.

    Sigh... gorgeously penned!!❤️

  15. I love this. All of it, in particular the reaction of the groomsmen to the Sky-groom's wandering eyes. It made me smile.

  16. This made me smile ... especially the part of the sky arranging the clouds to look his best. Love this personification of nature, Sherry :)

  17. This wedding sounds is surrounded in natural bliss. I might be a weeping willow crying so no one else would have to!

  18. I will take my chances :)"...her groom is changeable..."
    A beautiful Bride.

  19. Oh, that is so utterly gorgeous and delectable! You are a wonder!

  20. Gorgeous descriptions! Perfect!

  21. The time for love is now! Beautiful wedding that!!

  22. Oh thank you, my friends. You have all made me smile, with your sweet comments. Nothing like a good wedding, when the sun is out, and hopes are high!

  23. You have painted this wedding scene splendidly, Sherry. The bride in her grass-green gown,
    dotted with magenta rhododendrons (BC rhodos, no doubt … there are none more magnificent)and cascading waterfall tresses, carrying a bouquet of pink peonies. What a description!!! I am there … in my purple “wellies” with buttercups in my hair. ~Smiles~

  24. What a delight this wedding (even if I have a few doubts about the groom!). Great inventiveness here Sherry to amuse us all.

  25. I like the way you've dressed nature in preparation the ceremony.... most enjoyable read.

  26. I will always love this poem, its details, the descriptions of fickleness and of hope.

  27. And so it is - love the message Sherry ~


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