Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I spun my house from sea sand
and early morning mist,
filled it with daybreak and evensong,
used beach glass
for all the windows.

I left my roof
open to the sky,
a ceiling of stars and windsong,
seabirds on the wing,
sea fog and ever-changing clouds.

At the shore,
I replenish my stores of peace,
let the sursurration of the waves
wash through my ears, my heart, my being,
till I grow as calm
as the lull between waves,
as strong and silent as the smooth stones
scattered along the shore,
as patient as the sand dollar,
that spins its house
from the sand and grit around it
and carries it

Full of whalesong
and sand and sea,
my heart is its own
little sand dollar home.
I carry it along
with me.

for Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif: A Grain of Sand. A topic I know a fair bit about. Smiles. I borrowed a few lines from  older writings to make a new poem, since I am not writing much at the moment.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Sherry. The idea of carrying home with you-love it! Each image is vivid and lulling as calm waters.

  2. ". . . till I grow as calm
    as the lull between waves,
    as strong and silent as the smooth stones
    scattered along the shore,
    as patient as the sand dollar . . ."

    Such a relatively small package, the heart. This is beautiful.

  3. Great pic of the young Sherry.. Beautiful poem. There is magic in the mountains forests and deserts but for me nothing compares to the sea. Scientists have discovered that the sea cures depression and stimulates creativity. A lot of us could have told them that.

  4. Wish, I had a home like that ... the concrete jungle suffocates me at times.
    What a beautiful write, Sherry!!

  5. Beautiful imagery! What a lovely home this is under the open sky and by the sea. Great pictures, too, Sherry :)

  6. Such exquisite imagery here, Sherry and oh those last line; "Full of whalesong
    and sand and sea,my heart is its own
    little sand dollar home I carry it along with me" sigh.. so heartfelt!❤️

  7. What wonderful word pictures you've drawn for us to enjoy! You've made me long for the beach and the sound of ocean waves!

  8. This is so beautiful Sherry. Helps me understand why I love to visit the ocean and makes me want to go there now. You're so lucky to be there.

  9. What a house.. would like to live in it!!!

  10. Lovely poem! And yes, I am sure you are in just the right place to write this one now. (Nothing wrong with recycling one's earlier lines.)

  11. Beautiful poem. I live 12 blocks from the Pacific. Low tide is when the ocean unlocks its secrets.

  12. Your wistfully crafted scene evokes my penchant to dream and materialize reality as I want it no matter how surreal

    I could life in this poem

    Much love...

  13. I love your sea shanty and shack ~


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