Friday, November 4, 2016

Wild Woman Attempts to be Understated and Fails Miserably

During the election from hell,
Wild Woman finds herself in her  room,
looking in disbelief at the TV,
jaw dropped, horrified
at what she is hearing.

People are clapping and cheering.
Where did they all come from?
Can they hear what is being said?
Do that many people feel the same way?
How is it possible
the American Dream is turning into
the American nightmare
before our very eyes,
an ugly America
we had not known was there?

The dilemma for many: casting a vote
between a cock and a hard face,
(oops, did I say that out loud?)
or not casting a vote at all.
The rest of the world begs you:
Please vote!
Cast your vote against
racism, bigotry, divisiveness,
danger and darkness.
Let your vote be
one small candle
towards shining
a brighter light.

Well, Michael asked, in his prompt over at Real Toads: The Election: What Fresh Hell Is This?  I can't pretend to be dispassionate about what is happening down south, which impacts Canada as well. And it's not just the election; the racial tensions, the huge divide, the hatred and violence, the treatment of the water protectors at Standing Rock, the environment's desperate struggle, animal abuse - so many things -  hurt my soul. These are critical times. What has been unleashed will not just fade away, no matter who is elected. It feels like we are perched on the lip of planetary peril. Good luck to us all.


  1. "the American Dream" maybe that is the problem. The dream only applies to some.

  2. I have to say that the American dream has been used too long as an excuse to apply tax cuts for the rich... (after all it can be you)... I think we need political systems that really represent all interests (including minorities)... I believe in parliaments no in presidents.

    1. I agree with that. One person having ultimate control over a country is absurd.

    2. ... and responsibility for, for that matter. It's too much for one person to bear.

  3. I agree, Bjorn. The trouble with almost everything is corporate greed, tax breaks, sending jobs away to cheaper countries - all the breaks and bail outs and subsidies are for the rich.

  4. The general feeling is of despondence! Can the American Dream relate to 'striving for success' for the deprived as before instead of 'dishing out goodies to sustain corporate greed' by the rich?


  5. "Let your vote be
    one small candle
    towards shining
    a brighter light.
    that's all a voting conscience needs. Nice write

    much love...

  6. casting a vote
    between a cock and a hard face

    I laughed out loud! priceless!!

  7. "The dilemma for many: casting a vote
    between a cock and a hard face" ... Brilliant.

    But I don't know why it's "ugly" to have an opinion different from yours. I think he's fantastic. He has a great personality and a huge sense of humor, knows how to run a company, which is how I think the country should be run, and is honest to a fault. I love that he's candid, blatant, and raw/real. That makes me feel a lot more comfortable than someone who works hard to maintain composure and say what's best, and most appropriate, to say.

    1. I was referring to the big picture, in terms of our current reality - divisiveness, racism, violence, corporate control.......not to opinions, which are and should be as varied as the people who express them. I so appreciate your commenting.

  8. You did say that out loud! Much appreciated, though no one but the choir is fucking listening anyway. Argh

  9. Couldn't agree with you more here, Sherry--it's back to apologizing for my country, like we had to with Bush--but it just seems to getting worse and worse. A real illustration of how deadly division from each other and from our Mother Planet can be.

  10. It is what happens when discourse is not allowed and differences equal hatred. I truly hope times will change... sigh.

  11. It is a decisive election in many ways. Whatever the result, life will go on.

  12. Whatever happens here tomorrow will affect more than THIS country (US). I do pray for the sane, well-informed, experienced, stable candidate to be elected!


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