Tuesday, November 22, 2016



Let's have a
Kindness Revolution,
teach, encourage and learn from
children's compassion
for babies and animals,
for the disabled and vulnerable,
for other children,
and for themselves.

Let's hold workshops in every school
where kids share who they are
and the pain they carry,
so all may see
that each of us has 
our challenges, our fears,
our own burdens and heartaches.
Let's teach them to look each other in the eye,
human to human,
to reach across the divide 
of perceived differences,
to honor the samenesses 
of being human
in this world.
Let's teach them to say, 
"I see you, friend,
and I'm here for you."

Let's take our Revolution to the streets,
march, singing, holding placards that say
"Occupy Kindness",
through the main street of town, 
drums beating, smiling, singing,
inviting the homeless, the elderly,
the abandoned and unwanted animals
to join our parade.

Let's make a place at our table,
in our worlds,
in our hearts,
for Hope, and then
serve it up in heaping spoonfuls
to every child who needs a hug,
every oldster who needs a smile,
every homeless dog who needs a friend.

If we hold a Kindness Revolution,
and everybody comes,
the bullies will all be transformed
into children in pain,
who have lost their way,
to whom we'll hold out our hands,
say, "This way, Friend.
This way to the party
of Love."

A poem from 2013, in response to Elizabeth Crawford's challenge at 1sojournal : Love: to write a poem that sheds some light on the dark days we are living through, when it takes determination to hold onto hope. It is a huge stretch to envision certain dark hearts being transformed right now. But we can look to the younger generation - they have a good grasp of what's needed and are on the front lines, now, in many places, trying to effect change against an obdurate system that refuses to mend its ways.


  1. I like your vision. ANd we might learn play from children, too, in our kindness revolution. Before the party!

    1. Here's an article you might enjoy: http://www.gazettenet.com/Andrea-Ayvazian-calls-for-moral-courage-and-models-if-kindness-6214343

  2. And the sheer delight of children's laughter that wraps around a heart with a warm hug to take away with us, when we leave. Thanks Sherry,


  3. Lead on fair lady.
    I and many have seen this world. It is getting bigger
    Hold out your hand. Hope and believe

  4. A kindness revolution is sorely needed, Sherry! Well-penned!

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  6. Yes to the kindness revolution ~ An inspiring message Sherry ~

  7. learn from children and occupy kindness...the most needed messages for today's world..

  8. Yes, let's! I love this piece; it stirs the activist in me. It is a call to action, for sure. Thanks for championing kindness!

  9. I will buy into this kind of revolution!


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