Wednesday, November 23, 2016


mr. t's gold-plated penthouse -
what does he know about the 98%?

He came out, face flushed,
full of swagger,
and laid it on thick:
and outright untruths.
Not enough people
fact-checked the "facts".
They believed,
because they were angry
and disgruntled
and they wanted to believe.

He slid the minds
salivating over the word "change"
into the hyperbolic chamber*
and gave it a spin,
the conman's spin,
gilded with a lavish patina
of narcissism,
and they bought it.

If the 98% is tired of struggle
at the hands of corporate control
of government and finance,
why hire a corporate billionaire
already familiar with 
how to work the system
to his own ends?
Fox in the henhouse.

The changes that are coming
will not be good ones.
The hens are already
warbling their distress.

I may accept (be resigned to)
the fact that we are going to
live through a colossal mistake
(if we survive it).
But I will never accept injustice,
racism, extremism, prejudice
or ugly behaviour. 

The struggle of Darkness and Light
has intensified.
Buckle up, my friends.
And hold those candles high.

*I borrowed the word hyperbaric and changed it up to suit my purposes, LOL. This poem is what happens after I scroll through facebook for a while, reading the latest outrages. Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif is Hyperbole, and Elizabeth Crawford's word for Day 3 of her Writing the Light challenge at 1sojournal is Acceptance. How much are we willing to accept and where do we draw the line? 


  1. "Fox in the henhouse." Indeed. I think you say it all here--his hyperbole, our reluctant and partial acceptance.

  2. I find it wonderful that as upset as we are, when we turn it into poems, it becomes clear, calm reason. And I love how you used the two prompts together and gave each one its due. Brava to my wild sister,


  3. Many dictators have been elected freely by a country's people. Let's hope the fears of many are unjustified. Pity it is not Australia we love to cut down tall poppies!

  4. The past can't be undone, but like your poem suggests, we can't sit on our thumbs screaming while injustices happens. We must be ready for anything... while hoping, that all his nonsense is just that.

  5. It's how democracy works... one has to accept the outcome and keep fighting the good fight within that framework.

  6. Powerful piece,Sherry. This is applicable to all world leaders..

  7. Whoaa! This is absolutely outstanding work Sherry!!

  8. I think almost all political leaders with the exception of a few are hyperbole-creatures and they have no sense of proportions at all. A good one Sherry.

  9. Yes, I agree about this hyperbole lot! Fine emotional winds!! Loved it, Sherry!

  10. For now, have a happy Thanksgiving

  11. People, ordinary people, have had enough of lying, conniving, double-dealing politicians who have swindled them out of a decent life. Unfortunately, Sherry, they have now chosen a trickster who whispered sweet, soothing untruths that they wanted so much to hear. Time will reveal to each what is his/her due. There will be blood, I'm afraid...


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