Monday, November 28, 2016

I Will Stand For the Wildlands

What will I defend,
in this topsy-turvy world,
setting off in a direction
we never expected?
I will stand for the wildlands
and its creatures, who are 
fast disappearing.
I will stand for their habitat,
being laid waste for dollars,
and for the dying whales
in the warming sea.
I will speak for the polar bears, 
swimming ten miles for a meal 
where the ice used to be.

I will wield my pen till my last breath
saying: "Please! Stop!
Take measure of what we are doing
to Mother Earth,
who is patient,
but who can't withstand, forever,
all the good we are taking from her,
all the bad we are dumping into her waters,
and expelling into her air."

I will defend the indigenous peoples' right
to exist, free from oppression, 
and corporate takeovers
of their sacred lands,
for they love and understand the land,
and we should be listening to them.

I will defend Mother Wolf
and her babies from harm,
as the helicopters hover,
and the men raise their guns.

I will stand for the wildlands,
the trees and the birds.
I will stand for the last of the last
wild creatures,
lion and elephant,
tiger and bear. 
As they pace their slow way
into history, I will sadly
and tearfully
wave them goodbye.

for Elizabeth Crawford's Creativity Challenge at 1sojournal: Defend: what will you defend in this current political climate?


  1. Beautifully expressed Sherry, and I will stand with you. We must.


  2. Noble and well written proclamation and affirmation.
    "It can be done"

  3. Wow..that is a strong proclamation and be sure there are enough of us standing with you. The earth is smiling, somewhere.

  4. Of course you will, being you! Beautifully penned, and may you be joined by many in that stance.

  5. Amen ❤️ this is so powerfully penned Sherry.. one of your best!

  6. Very thoughtfull,we all must stand to protect mother nature and its creatures.

  7. Very thoughtfull,we all must stand to protect mother nature and its creatures.

  8. Beautiful and sad. We certainly need more people to protect our planet.

  9. This give me such an ache. So much going wrong in our world that there is barely energy to address THIS atrocity. Waving goodbye? Argh, that really aches. I'm grateful for celebrities like Ricky Gervais who never stop screaming about this. And for you, Sherry! xo

  10. .."and the men raise their guns." they do that with the wild horses to - chase them with helicopters I believe. Sigh.


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