Thursday, November 24, 2016


what to be grateful for,
when the world is in such a state?
when racism and fascism
raise their ugly heads,
when mosques are desecrated and
swastikas are scrawled 
on Jewish temples,
when a woman is attacked 
for wearing the burka of her beliefs?

what to be grateful for
when hateful words and acts
are flung,
when justice is not served,
when corporate power and 
capitalism run amok,
ravaging the planet?

it gets pretty basic:
eyesight, mobility (of sorts),
poetry, friends,
the fact that there are still
good-hearted people
all over the world 
who will always stand up 
for what is right.

I am grateful for  
the natural world,
and animals,
and their true hearts.

I am grateful for
child of joy.

Today, I am grateful for the wind,
making the trees dance 
outside my window,
and for the fresh wintery smell outdoors -
the first dusting of snow
on the mountains.
It is Enough.
It is more than
enough -
the gift of Life.

And I am grateful for you, my friends. This community of poets is what keeps me going. I am thinking very much of the events at Standing Rock these days, of the first Thanksgiving, and of how First Nations have suffered ever since. On facebook I have watched some beautiful videos, especially of the women of Standing Rock, who are protecting the water, in prayer, opposing the might of a billion dollar corporation and militarized police, so that life can be better for their grandchildren.

for Elizabeth Crawford's challenge at 1sojournal : What are you thankful for?


  1. I agree that being grateful might be difficult these days, but it is knowing and having friends like you, that help me swiftly step past any bit of reluctance. Thank you, Sherry for being exactly who you are.


  2. Sherry, thanks for sharing this list and all thoughts in your poem from the heart. So glad to have crossed paths with you & so many other poets. :)

  3. Thank for this poem and for your warm thoughts. May the days ahead bring you joy

  4. so glad that we were born; this gift of life is the best i think though we can't forget and forgive those who misuse it...sigh..a beautiful poem Sherry as always...

  5. Sherry, and I am grateful for YOU, my friend! And I am so glad you have Lunabella in your life to bring you joy! Blessings to you this American Thanksgiving!


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