Saturday, November 26, 2016

This Poem

This poem is a soft thought in a hard week.
This poem is love for a struggling planet 
and all its beings.
This poem is a breathing space, 
to inspire our best hopes,
our deepest  dreams and aspirations.

This poem looks at the news and its heart hurts,
its stomach knots.
This poem knows this turning is going 
the wrong way.
This poem stands with 
the people of Standing Rock
whose voices will not be heard, 
will not be heard,
will not be heard.
This poem knows that none of our voices
are being heard.

This poem sees a magical planet
of beauty and abundance
being willfully destroyed by greedy corporations
who do not care.
This poem sees icebergs melting,
and whole species becoming extinct.
The ocean is dying, sending up last gasps,
in hope we humans might hear its distress in time.
This poem knows it may already be too late.
Yet, still, we must try.
For this poem loves every wave, every ancient tree, 
every bird and beast too much to give up.
This poem's heart hurts for every suffering being
struggling to survive on Mother Earth.

This poem takes a deep breath for it has a job to do.
Against all odds, it needs to inspire hope,
add something positive, something peaceful,
not add more distress to a heartbreaking mess.
So it closes with hope for humankind,
whose consciousness is awakening,
whose spirit is arising,
who is beginning to stand
against corporate greed,
against ignorant governance,
who is saying "This is wrong,
and I am standing for what is right and just."

This poem is a soft thought.
It is love.
It is hope
for a suffering world.

An adapted Boomerang Form, one of my favourite forms, created by Hannah Gosselin at Metaphors and Smiles. Posted for Elizabeth Crawford's Creative Challenge:   Inspiration, to write something that brings some light to these troubled times. Which I have always tried to do, but it is getting much harder these days. It is hard to be hopeful when species and oceans are dying, when the ice is melting, when time is running out,  and a racist narcissist who doesn't believe in global warming and species extinction is taking power. Sigh.


  1. Oh, Sherry, I love this poem. I thank you for all your hard work on behalf of our distressed planet. And I love the photo, so many of us must be feeling the same way. Thank you for raising your voice, your words.


  2. Soft thoughts, love, hope.. your poem offers us all a breathing space.

  3. Sherry, your poem is breathtaking...your compassion flows and reaches out so powerfully. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful, Sherry. This poem is......hopeful!

  5. Nice reflection of the good all around us.

  6. How I wish this poem is read by one and all...such a flow of love, dear poet...

  7. This poem is very beautiful! Yes, I wish it could be read everywhere, by everyone! Certainly one of your best, among many wondrful poems!

  8. May the soft thoughts be the strongest! Beautiful write, Sherry.

  9. Ahhhhh. You rub my temples, give me pause, love, breath. Thank you.


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