Monday, November 21, 2016

Fear Into Light

When one's world-view is over-turned,
all decency is stood on its head,
and the swamp creatures are infiltrating
the halls of power,
with their cold, gimlet eyes,
and hard calculating hearts,
when one sees the darkness descending,
when the vulnerable are living in fear,

I lift up,
visualizing the earth as a whole,
its calm imperturbable waves
rolling out, rolling in.
I see daybreak, rosy hues
fingering the clouds,
the air fresh with new beginnings.

I remember,
whichever small men may rule
- or think they rule -
they cannot change our hearts.
The planet spins.
Year will follow year.
We breathe out. We breathe in.
We do what we can.

We will clean up the mess,
one day, one mishap,
one outrage at a time.
We will smile at those we meet,
especially those who
need our friendship most,
hold out a helping hand,
say "I am standing with you
against all wrong-doing.
Beside me, you are safe."

for Elizabeth Crawford's challenge at 1sojournal : to write about fear, and try to find some light for these dark times. My best hope for the next four years is that the planet will survive mr. t. If it does, eventually we will be okay again, having learned some hard lessons about who we truly are as  a society. I have to believe there is more love than hate, more light than darkness. We are being called, on a global scale, to choose light.


  1. I sure hope you live to be a hundred, Sherry. We need you here! xo

  2. Oh Sherry, this is truly a voice that must be heard. Thank you so much for joining in. Please post it on Facebook.


  3. "the swamp creatures are infiltrating
    the halls of power"--classic horror images--beautifully countered with THE EARTH! And US. Bless you.

  4. This composition rings out with commitment, hope and promise.

  5. The feelings evoked by your third stanza is what keeps me going through this mess.

  6. That first stanza captures . . . everything, all of it, just perfectly.

  7. I do pray we will be able to clean up the mess! I am sickened by the idea of some years of trump!


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