Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Friend of Crows and Ravens

Julie Draper at the blockades

She was sister of crows and ravens.
Their black bodies, her love of earth,
their wings, her love of flight.

On her birthday, she entered
her darkened cabin, lit with candles.
In the glow, were all her friends,
on their knees, dressed as crows.
In the soft glow of dripping wax
they gathered around her,
her flock, cawing upwards.
into her radiant, laughing face.

She was a light, a lover of life,
who put her body on the line
for the trees, for Mother Earth.
She loved animals,
and her love suffused the art she made
of bear and wolf, raven and eagle.

She was a sister of crows and ravens,
who flew away too soon.

for Julie Draper, who recently left us much too soon, and who will be forever remembered, forever missed.

posted for Artistic Interpretations with Margaret at Real Toads, inspired by the art piece "Crows Alone", by Carol Law Conklin.


  1. A beautiful tribute for a woman with a beautiful smile.


  2. Oh My God, tragic! But what a beautiful poem you have composed. What a beautiful tribute to this woman.

  3. Wonderful tribute to a life well lived

  4. The good die young, a great tribute Sherry!


  5. Oh she is beautiful, may she rest in peace

    much love...

  6. What an amazing tribute to a free spirit.

  7. I didn't know...thank you for the post, and for telling us about her "leaving." She will be remembered by her friends, human and birds.

  8. A wonderful tribute, love how you tied it to the crows.

  9. I am sad for this, Sherry. I find myself wondering what caused her death. She looks SO very young.

  10. Yes, Sherry, she truly was "sister of the crows." How delightful. I am thinking she didn't have many human friends and so her imagination conjured up the crow friends. We grew up on a farm, my sister conjured up "Two Year Old Kid." He didn't change his name when she became three.

  11. That is so sad, Sherry. You've given her a beautiful tribute.

  12. very nice, Sherry. went to her site on FB. she has a nice album in there. she is smiling at you Sherry

  13. a sister of crows and ravens - beautiful. She has such a lovely fresh face in this photo - radiates actually. A person such as this is missed.


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