Sunday, November 6, 2016

It's a Beautiful World

It's a beautiful world

blue-white glaciers melting into the sea

it's a beautiful world

smokestacks pumping carbon into the air

it's a beautiful world

sea levels rising, washing away small islands and shorelines

it's a beautiful world

whales and birds washing up on shore with stomachs full of plastic

it's a beautiful world

freeways full of cars guzzling oil, oil, oil
methane from cows produced to fill our plates

it's a beautiful world

green forests burning, wildlife going extinct

it's a beautiful world

the ocean dying, corporate greed strangling the oxygen out of the air,
and fracking the lifeblood out of the earth


it's a beautiful world

countries turning to wind and solar energy
(100 clean energy complexes would be enough to provide energy to the entire planet*)

human hearts that long for peace and social justice

the hope in a baby's eyes

the beauty of the landscape and the wild creatures that live here

the over-arching sky

We cannot stop believing in and striving for
our beautiful world.

* I watched di Caprio's Before the Flood and its images kept me awake half the night. The beauty of this planet, the folly of corporations being allowed to profit at the expense of every living being and system. But there is hope, too. Scientists explain we have clean energy technology that could power the entire planet. Also a switch to clean energy of all types would provide millions of jobs worldwide.

Corporations, of course, will not willingly surrender profit and they seem to be running everything. But they should pay for clean-up and pay a carbon tax that is proportionate to their profit. Their outsourcing of jobs is what is creating job loss.

The message: the peoples' voices must rise in sufficient numbers world-wide. And we must vote for leaders who believe climate change exists. We can also vote with our pocketbooks by changing our lifestyles in terms of consumption,  and by not buying from the worst offending corporations.

You can watch the film for free this weekend before it goes into the theatres and it is a must-see. Time is urgent.


  1. I believe so too. I believe there will be a more beautiful world

  2. Yes, we have to keep the faith!

  3. I just sat through an earthquake . . . in Oklahoma. That's fracking at work. This can't be allowed to continue.

  4. Thank you for stopping by and telling me about the film. I've been putting it off but it's a must-see xox

  5. You pointed out both the ugly truth and the hope of changing the ugliness around. Well done.

  6. A very effective call and response poem. I love DiCaprio's commitment to the planet.

  7. It's a beautiful world, indeed... There is ugly and even uglier, but there will always be something beautiful about it... if we continue to fight for it...


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