Friday, February 5, 2016

Wild Woman Hits the Road


Wild Woman, before she knew 
she was Wild Woman,
once packed up a little yellow Pinto with:
a ten day old baby, two small sons, 
a St. Bernard puppy (who grew!),
an English pram, an Underwood typewriter,
and assorted cereals, breads and cold cuts.
That's the Before shot.

Behind the wheel was 
an alcoholic con man,
temporarily disguised as
My Baby's Daddy,
with his calculating eye 
and a beer never far
from his right hand.

Down Highway 101 we rolled, 
past the glorious ocean
at which he refused to stop,
past the Monarch butterfly migration,
which we flew through,
because he was always rushing 
to get Somewhere Else.

My baby daughter smiled 
her first smile at me,
on that long drive.

We lived in and out of the car,
our own Hotel California,
for two months, give or take.
He had promised to get a job
and "look after you for a change"
but it didn't happen.
My kids grew lean and hungry
and once I wrote 
the only bad cheque of my life
to get them some food. 
(I repaid all of what this trip
- and this relationship - cost, 
for years.
But it was all worth it,
to have my sunny little daughter.)

It was an adventure.
There were high moments, laughter,
the feeling of being young, and alive,
along with the worry, 
and the coming to see
exactly how impossible
my life had come to be.

Late fall, we pointed the nose of the car north,
and made our way back up the coast.
I looked out at all the little houses,
the little yards, men washing cars,
kids playing,
moms hanging their wash out on the line,
and Normal had never looked
so good to me.

Note: on return, he hit the road, thankfully, and I was able to start my life over again from scratch, not for the first time, and not for the last. There is more to this story, but I'll save it for my memoir, LOL.

for Corey's prompt at Real Toads: Hitting the Road


  1. And she had you. I love this, Sherry.

  2. Sounds like a journey where coming home was the best of all... and I guess it was part of making you the one you are.... wonderful telling Sherry.

  3. I knew you were an extraordinary woman this just proves it. I'd love to read that memoir

  4. You are an intrepid and courageous woman Sherry - not good circumstances agreed but the picture of that smile and the children on the step shows how those children were treasured and kept safe by their wonderful mum xo

  5. You are a strong and powerful warrior wild woman, Sherry, truly inspiring. ♥

  6. By the end of so many of your poems, I am crying. You're the only person who can crumble my walls like that, Sherry. I feel like a real person when I'm "with you." That must be because of who you are and how that comes through your writing, and into my heart.

  7. What a journey Sherry ~ The children made it like an adventure ~

  8. Wonderful that you made it through, Sherry, and can share so magically. Thanks! k.

  9. O what an adventurer you were and still are, just a lot more in control. The ride must have been amazing with 3 small children and a dog, but O look at them now!

  10. That was quite a time in your life, Sherry! How strong you were to survive this period and to come out of it even stronger. Wondering if your travels took you into the US or only in CA. Neat that in addition to the children you also had a Saint Bernard. We won't mention the man.....

  11. Oh Sherry! This could not be more perfect ... You had grit (still do) and it's mighty powerful.

  12. Great journey of life and adventure!

  13. oh, mi amiga, this so resonates with me and mi mamasita. you are made from that same fiber of strength and resilience. we're all better for your acquaintance. may this day smile upon you.


  14. You have a great gift for story telling.It's a gift . You can't learn it. You really must write a book.You owe it to all the women out there who have ever had the misfortune to be stuck with a m..g..l like him.A best seller it will be then made into a movie. I have just read "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed. Rave reviews(unjustified in my opinion).. made millions....and does not even come close to your talent and story interest...Sit down now and start writing immediately.I will give you 6 months and if it is not finished by then I will fly over to Canada and pull your ears:)

  15. It's good that you found your wild side and could leave it behind :-). The troublesome times in our life make us as much as the good ones. And sometimes if we are lucky they make us stronger

  16. What a lovely peak into the life of Wild Woman, (before she was Wildwoman) enjoyed this adventure

    have a good weekend

    much love...

  17. Hi Sherry, I am sorry but blogger somehow rejected your comment on my Finger #SoCS and I can't find it anywhere. Strange. Well, the backstory is entirely up to your imagination :-)

  18. Am reading this, and the only thought that crosses my head, what a strong and amazing woman, you are, Sherry. Thank you, for sharing this part of your journey, to here.

  19. You are a powerhouse, Sherry. I get this so well. What's funny, is that we picked the same year to write about! Thanks for sharing!

  20. What a story - and what wonderful writing. Life may bring us down, but as long as we draw breath: where there is life, there is the hope - and the strength to work for something better for ourselves and our family. You are proof of that. I'm sure you are an inspiration to your children and grandchildren, Sherry.

  21. What a beautiful picture, Adorable. And what a story, tears at my heart but strengthened yours. More than your beautiful daughter came out of it. A new woman came out as well, a wild one, with something to say!! Great work Sherry, loved it a lot.


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