Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Coming Back


I do not think I'll come back as me.
I will come back as Soul,
continuing the journey 
in another body, another lifetime,
perhaps carrying on 
from the level of karma 
I worked off here,
to hopefully make the next lifetime
a little smoother.

Perhaps those souls 
who touched mine in this life
will find me again,
also in other bodies,
like my wolf-pup found me this lifetime,
looking at me with the gaze of a human,
unable to verbalize the psychic connection
that we both always knew was deeper
than wolf-dog's and human's.

All I ask is that there always be
ocean and old-growth forest,
wherever this soul takes me,
on the other side of death.
And let a big black wolf come to guide me
when I cross over,
as I asked him to do,
at the end of his life, 
when he gave his wordless promise.

for Abhra at dVerse, who asks us: would you want to come back as yourself, if you were to come back? An intriguing question, which should bring some interesting responses. Do follow the link and check them out.


  1. I like the idea of connect with a selected few of souls I've met in this world... But I like to make new friends along my way as well... Love your poem

  2. Perhaps those souls
    who touched mine in this life
    will find me again

    This is so touching.. I love the gentle ponder upon the soul and its journey.. may we all be reunited with the ones we love. Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  3. Perhaps that's the reason one is expected to do and think good. One continues to bring oneself to a higher level all the time. The soul will all the time be progressing to a higher level. Great thoughts Sherry!


  4. I do know that your soul will live on, Sherry......and I have no doubt that you will connect with your soulmate once again in one form or another, and perhaps heaven will be an old growth forest......perhaps we each get to choose our own...smiles.

  5. Sherry, I LOVE the idea of souls finding each other, after. Wonderful. And of course, that wolf pup. He treads through so much of your poetic heart...your soul. You and he are one.

  6. I was guessing if you wanted to be a wolf pup in another lifetime, smiles ~ I love the idea of a Soul finding friends and loved ones all over again ~

  7. I love these:
    "All I ask is that there always be
    "And let a big black wolf come to guide me"

  8. I like your sentiment. building on karma, smoothing out another lifetime, connecting with other souls... ones we know. I believe it to be true.

  9. I like the idea of our souls reconnecting with each other. I can see that perhaps your Pup will be waiting for you as you depart this earth to greet you once again.

  10. What a great poem. I hope there will always be oceans and old growth forests too. Connecting with the wolf cub sounds wonderful. It is amazing to have soulful connections with animals. Suzanne of Art and Life

  11. Right on, sister! I am so with you on this.

  12. This is what is written in"Geeta" too.

  13. This is so soulful and the wolf element intriguing.

  14. Wolves are an emblem of the spiritual connection we all have if we but see it. The freedom is delightful in our words, Sherry.

  15. Love that ending, what a sweet thought.

  16. If we do return, I hope you meet Pup again, that you're the same species and can communicate even more deeply. Love the strong feeling in this, your love of Pup always comes through.

  17. This is so tender and true. Yes, heaven is old growth forests, souls of those we loved and who loved us. I have a feeling you and Pup will always find each other and be able to love.

  18. "All I ask is that there always be
    ocean and old-growth forest,
    wherever this soul takes me,
    on the other side of death."

    I love this - you know what? In his piece, the poet, whom I mention in my prompt said that he wants to return, but even if he can't be a human being, he is happy to return as any natural element.

    Thanks for joining my prompt - I am genuinely sorry for being so late in my visit to you.

  19. You always cause me to cry...that special wolf-pup...sigh...

    "And let a big black wolf come to guide me
    when I cross over,
    as I asked him to do,
    at the end of his life,
    when he gave his wordless promise."

    Torrential tears. So special. He will.

  20. Oh Sherry I can only sigh...this is truly touching to the core. A reflection of your beautiful soul indeed!!!

  21. Oh my, Sherry--that last stanza...goosebumps.

  22. SMiLes.. my friend..
    i like to think of
    me as nameless
    faceless soUI..
    projecting spiRit!
    oF Ego iN human
    personality driven
    by emoTioNal
    hEart as WeLL..
    as SpiRit!
    where i iS
    me as SoUl..
    I iS Actor oF
    i and i iS
    and producer
    of I actor
    as ego
    and personality
    as Zen art of person..
    the art that others see..
    potentiAlly dArk or liGht..
    but the greaTest pARt oF
    aLL is i can transform
    myself into human
    or other animal now
    as all our
    iN genetic
    style iS similar
    yesterday i
    was a Jaguar
    on the primitive
    hunt.. dancing
    the night
    and today
    i am now
    a Nautilus
    building shell..
    and later.. a
    again.. in style
    of martial
    with air

  23. ah, heck. I'm coming back as a future dinosaur, in 65 million years... ~

  24. Sigh. Not sure, what my decision would be, Sherry, whether or not, I come back. For this old soul has seen too much violence and pain, in this lifetime, to last several lifetimes, uninterrupted. Should I could come back, I would hope, it would be, as a biological woman, who'll be able to help others, through their pain and suffering.


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