Sunday, February 21, 2016

Like Flawless Magicians

As a single snowflake melts
And merges into earth,
I like to imagine that,
When the final moment comes,
We each will transform,
Like flawless magicians,
Into stars and sky.

For Kerry's mini challenge at Real Toads....a verse in ten lines or less, sparked by a line about a single snowflake by e.e. cummings.


  1. You set this poem up so well to deliver your 'flawless' final 3 lines, Sherry. Wow!

  2. Can you find out for sure, Sherry. If true then perhaps we could also prename the star after us.
    Moscow was on my bucket list, as was China, Alaska, and the Panama Canal. Been there done them. I am a lucky fellow.

  3. i breath in deep every moment that i am cognizant of my being. i do this so when my time comes to return to the earth of the dust from the stars that made me. therefore my value will be invaluable to the spirit of eternity.


  4. ooh, this is magical!
    we are stardust!

  5. I think thee is a star already named for each one of us. Have a nice week Sherry

    Much love...

  6. Lovely thoughts and beautifully written, as always Sherry :-)

  7. Oh I hope we will... what a great ending Sherry...

  8. A snowflake "merges into earth"? Are you kidding me with this gorgeousness? Oh, my.

  9. :) I read somewhere that we all have "star" matter in our DNA or making or whatever the technical term is...

  10. Gorgeous, Sherry! I love this idea...very plausible indeed! Sigh.

  11. Oh, I love this. It brings joy to be.

  12. oh, i plan to turn into dirt :) ~


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