Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Inanimate, Conscienceless Book Writing Device

The "writer" sits at his computer,
slides in the softwear,
a context or two,
and in twenty minutes, 
a "book" is produced
by the inanimate, conscienceless
book-writing device.

There are thousands of these "books"
for sale on Amazon.

Poets with their scritchy pens
can only  mourn
the arrival
of times such as these.

Sadly, this is not fiction. A couple of years ago, I heard writers on CBC radio talking about these computer-generated books. One of them quipped they are in their early stages, right now, but give it five years, and one of them may win the Giller Prize. Sigh.

reference: Singularity Hub

for Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif: Inanimate


  1. Ugh, the worse possible thing that could ever happen to poetry, to be written without emotions or a soul. I do hope, Sherry, that day never happens.

  2. Oh that would be terrible! I do hope such a day never comes. Poetry needs to flow and to breathe free.

    Lots of love,

  3. The things we hear and see these days...

  4. You can always tell when a book lacks soul...

  5. This would be a nightmare! Oh that it never comes to this.

  6. This sounds really scary. Hope such a time never comes!

  7. Presumably it is plagiarism as various authors styles must be used to compose such writing. What a false world we are creating for ourselves which can only lead to disaster...or is it already here?

  8. Sherry,

    This is a very scary thought.It's bad enough without actually using an inkpot and quill; whatever next. A robot leaving poems at Poets United. Imaging your interview with it(him, her)..
    This was a wonderful response to the prompt!

  9. the places technology goes, Wow

    have a good Wednesday Sherry, thanks for dropping in to read mine

    much love...

  10. Oh my. I didn't know this. I'd better hurry before a computer makes me irrelevant.

  11. I've heard of them too. I've never tried but was tempted to. you wrote your ode so well though it sounded like a jingle. hehe.

  12. Guess it's not that far away with the development of Artificial Intelligence... we will just have to keep on writing for the sake of our own souls!

  13. technology of a book writing device and the creation of a beauty with words..what a difference!

  14. I love the title - and didn't realise such things existed..maybe we are the pioneers out here still trying to keep words alive and true ;)

  15. There are no efforts or talents needed to exploit modern technology. It is whether conscience can put some brakes against their 'enthusiasm' before they get out of hand!


  16. Ha... I think we just have to write outside all algorithms ... But many genres have so hardcoded already so writers are really optional... I'm sure romance would fit perfectly for a computer to write silicon enhanced dolls to place in the narrative skeleton...

  17. Wow. This is something I didn't know. Disturbing.

  18. For the remaining few who are discerning and can tell the difference...the robot can never compete. An example is in animation. Digital animation in now way compares to the beautiful hand made animation of the early Disney era. Sadly no one will know or see the difference probably in the future.
    The world desperately needs another artistic renaissance.

  19. Will we be fooled? I hope not! And what does it mean if we are so dispensable?

  20. I cannot imagine they will be good. I hope they are bad then people will discourage the market.

  21. I already think the craze is too crazy. Who wants to read such a work -when there are piles of garbage to read at the moment?

  22. We live in such times, Sherry, and unfortunately this may soon come to pass. We just have to raise our kids and educate them in such a way that they are able to distinguish coals from diamonds.


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