Monday, February 15, 2016

The Blind Sage

What do you know about dying?
she asked the blind sage,
who was stirring her tea 
with a dainty finger.

There are many ways to die,
the sage mused, 
adding a sugar lump, then two more.
It can creep up on you slowly, like mist,
and suddenly you are enveloped.

It can crack you open 
like lightning rends a tree
and, poof, you are gone.

For the not courageous,
it can be self-inflicted,
like stepping off a high roof,
 falling. and changing your mind
halfway down.

It can  bless you like rain on a desert,
after a long drought,
you gratefully drinking it in.

Whichever way it happens,
it opens a door to a new journey,
and you go through.

There are many ways to die, 
she musedstill stirring,
not least never learning how
to really live.


  1. Wow, Sherry. This will stay with me.

  2. I drink this very deeply Sherry ~ A very meaningful post ~


  3. This is wonderful writing - very poignant, eloquent and emotive ... something, I find myself thinking about more and more, as the years go by and - one by one - friends cross over to the other side.

  4. So true, Sherry. One way to die is never learning how to live. I think we each have to make sure this is not true of us! We have to really LIVE until we die, not die while we live.

  5. The concluding lines say it all, we are as good as dead , if we donot know how to live properly.

  6. That part is really sad, about changing your mind halfway down!

    Really :)

  7. certainly talked with this the story in the poem...last verse - brilliant: so many ways to live...

  8. death comes ready directly proportional to one's depth of breath while living

    i need not tell you how much this touches my soul and the universal spirit it resides within

    gracias mi amiga for such wonderfully appropriate words

  9. yes, all deaths are not same...i agree...

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  11. This was an amazing piece. I love the calm and matter fact approach by the sage to something so monumental as death. It reads in a perfect rhythm and pace from beginning to end. There is a lot of wisdom shared in these words. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful poem. I have to say this is possibly one of my favorite that I have read from you over the years.

  12. Never learning how to live is just the worst of it. Really wise close here, Sherry, thanks! k.


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