Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bearing Witness

courtesy BC SPCA

If you can live the sad, hard lives you live,
though it breaks my heart to see
every picture, every video, every news story,
at least I can bear witness to your suffering,
send love,
send poems and prayers,
send your stories far and wide,
hoping more and more people
will finally learn
how good it feels
to just be kind,
to hold out a hand
to a fellow being,
to pat a head,
to feel a grateful lick,
to bring you in out of the cold,
feed you
and tell you:
"You are safe now.
Your suffering is over."

One more emaciated, starving dog found tied up behind a pet store in WEST VANCOUVER, an affluent suburb of Vancouver. He could barely walk or stand up for long, is terribly emaciated, and has other health concerns. Hardness of heart crosses all boundaries. Thankfully, so does kindness. 

This poor scared fellow, whom staff have named Louie, is now at the SPCA being treated and brought back to health, and will eventually find a loving home. I just saw him in a news report and he is happy, has the run of the SPCA office, and is likely very relieved to finally be having regular meals. He was skeletal when discovered behind the store. Witnesses say a teenage boy left him there. Perhaps because his parents were not feeding him and that is why the boy chose a pet food store to leave him at? There is a heartbreaking story there, for both dog and boy, I am sure.

How many times can a heart break? Every single time I read or see a photo of one more poor creature like this -  beings of love and devotion, so often cruelly mistreated.

for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Martyr or Witness. I first wrote a gloomy tome about martyrs of yesteryear and today and couldnt bring myself to click Post........this one is just a hair better, at least there is a positive ending. 


  1. Yes, powerfully said in both poem and postscript:
    "at least I can bear witness to your suffering,
    send love,
    send poems and prayers,
    send your stories far and wide . . ."
    I think that is why I must write, too, and each of us is asked to give voice to the voiceless. Thank you for the power and faithfulness of your witness.

  2. Thank you for this, Sherry. You know how I feel about animals. I wish everyone else felt the same.

  3. "how good it feels / to just be kind,"... it's heartening that the poor creature received kindness at last and i believe that prayer has great healing power...a heartfelt write Sherry...

  4. It is so hard to understand cruelty to animals, pets especially who meant to love and be loved. Pity there is not a fitness own licence that can be revoked if cruelty occurs.

  5. This is truly pulls at your heart and brings tears to your eyes. A poem which gives a whole new meaning to the term compassion. Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  6. I think society can only be measured on how we take care of those that need it most... (and it does feel good to be kind, it's like receiving a gift)

  7. You are safe now. Your suffering is over..i think wo/man and animals can all use the comfort of that message conveyed through gentle word and touch xo

  8. Ah, The words cut so deep..its hard for me to breath, Sherry.
    Beautiful poem. I salute you for writing a poem on this issue. :)

  9. I like what you say about at least witnessing their suffering. So hard for me to do, to see, to hear about stories like this. I attribute this kind of abuse to ignorance and I suppose we can be ignorant of how far kindness can take us. Glad Louie was found. Thanks for championing this cause.

  10. many homeless pets have a chance to be domesticated and saved here compared to other countries...
    ~ you're so compassionate, Sherry!

  11. Sherry, Star, my purring panther, is a rescue kitten that I took in, 4 years ago, last November. She had been physically abused and abandoned, by several people, before we became roommates. She has helped me, in my healing, as I help her. Only wish, there were fewer stories of abuse, to all animals, whether two or four legged. May Louie find a loving and safe home.

  12. Care and compassion..beautifully depicted!

  13. Thought provoking poem. I believe in making judgements...particularly on how people treat their pets. I refuse to know people who do not look after their pets as well as they do their children.

  14. How many times can a heart break? As many times as it needs to, I think.

  15. Deep, passionate and so needed. They don't have a voice except through us. Thank you, Sherry!

  16. It is heartbreaking when we treat animals this way--I hope this one finds a better life!

  17. Humans have the potential to be the worst monsters imaginable - and their evil is performed on the most powerless victims...
    Well-penned, Sherry.


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