Monday, February 1, 2016

Old Raven

Old Raven by Jon Fitzpatrick

The prompt was to self-describe in ten lines, up close and personal:

OLD                and dented, but only mildly discouraged
WOMEN           always remember - It Could Be Worse
LEAP-FROG      across my heart - come on, I dare you!
OVER              and over, same old same old, but beats 
                           the alternative
DITCHES          rhymes with witches ~ a clue
WHEN             will it all get better?
OLD                as the hills, but with an undiminished
RAVEN            fly me across the forest on your 
                           midnight wings
CALLS             the wolf, like a shot, I'll be gone

I found this in my draft file - a Real Toads prompt  from a while ago, to be read both down (first words) and across. I must have played with it, but didn't post it. Just found it and it made me smile. Plus I have zero inspiration going on at the moment. Posting for Real Toads Tuesday Platform.


  1. Sherry, this is amazing. How you carried it off is beyond me. I have trouble just writing me normal prose style.

  2. So so fun. (And wise.) I especially enjoyed the witches line. k

  3. Really like the approach you took with this poem, Sherry. An interesting technique!

  4. so clever and still artistically penned


  5. I can't believe you managed this at all, let alone flawlessly. This is exceptional.

  6. This was wonderful, imaginative and inventive. If this is just hanging around your scraps, then you are truly gifted indeed.

  7. Interesting, Sherry! Calls the wolf... gone like a shot.

  8. luv the tale, but more so the emphasis points from the form you used makes it a much more interesting read

    much love...

  9. I've never seen this form before. I loike it and I love what you wrote!

  10. I really like this, it made me smile too.

  11. A big smile (cannot cackle really)

  12. Thank you, very much, for the huge smile, it brought me, while reading it, Shelly. Will admit the current situation with my diabetes, has worsen my seasonal depression.


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